What order do I have to play the Legend of Zelda games in order to get the story?

Like, can you post them in story order? not release date order?

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    If u try 2 keep up youll be very behind because these games r very old but if u look up Legend of Zelda wiki u might get what u asked for

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    that's a very hard question to answer. the creators of zelda havent released an official timeline to the zelda games although apparently there is a mastered document with the timeline. the first game i played was a link to the past and then i played ocarina of time. im not sure about the others but i know that ocarina of time takes place before a link to the past (they mentioned the events of OoT in LttP). Then Twilight Princess and Wind Waker can be played in any order because they follow different timelines. The timeline splits at the end of ocarina of time, where he goes back to his childhood. Twilight Princess follows the timeline after he goes back to his childhood (because this time link is able to go warn zelda and they'll imprison ganondorf before he ruins hyrule). Wind waker follows the adult timeline. those are t he only 4 games i know (of course, majoras mask happens directly after ocarina of time and the phantom hourglass happens directly after the wind waker). basically though I think if you play ocarina of time you get a good idea of the backstory of the whole series.

    zeldawiki.org discusses this in more detail

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    From what ive seen before, Minish Cap is first since link dosent have his hat in that one until the end but every other LoZ has him in a hat. Then it's LoZ 1, LoZ 2, Ocarina, Majora, Twilight, Windwaker. The rest really dont fit into a cohesive story. Try looking it up I know ive seen somewhere where they did a excellent job of putting them in order

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    It doesn't really matter what order you play them in. Only a couple games actually carry over into others. Each Link in almost every game is a different Link from a different generation.

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  • gagon
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    you may play them in any order. in spite of the undeniable fact that, i desire to propose you initiate with the video games on the N64 simply by fact many Zelda followers have began with them and that they are the numerous acceptable. it incredibly is advisable to start with the three-D Zelda video games simply by fact to me, they seem to be a lot much less complicated, however the 2nd video games are somewhat addictive. incredibly a lot, you may bypass any way you like. there is supposedly a timeline, in spite of the undeniable fact that it incredibly does not make any experience in besides.

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    well with the way the zelda games are made you can play almost all of them and still get the story because most of them do not continue on from each other.

    some of the ones that continue on from are each other are: windwaker and then phantom hourglass and ocarina of time and majora's mask.

    but playing something like majora's mask before ocarina of time will not mess up the storyline to much because they dont directly move on from each other.

    hope it helps.

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