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lets see how you can build your team better than mine?

qb:tom brady

peyton manning

philip rivers

rb:adrian peterson

clinton portis

deangelo williams

fb: mike sellers

lorenzo neal

wr:larry fitzgerald

randy moss

andre johnson

greg jennings

t.j. houshmanzade

te: antonio gates

tony gonzales

chris cooley

o-line:eagles 09 starters

de:osi umenyora

julius peppers

mario williams

dwight freeney

dt:pat williams

albert haynseworth

lb:brian urlacher

london fletcher

terrel suggs

shawn merriman

damarcus ware

james harrison

cb: champ bailey

nmadhi asomougha

antonio cromartie

deangelo hall

asante samuel

al harris

fs: ed reed

laron landry

ss: troy polamalu

adrian wilson

k: john carney

p:sam rocca

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    hahaha i'm lovin the eagles 09 starters for the o-line. the rest of your lineup seems pretty solid too. i would however put patrick willis in over london fletcher, and kevin williams is a better dt than pat williams

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    QB-Starter-Peyton Manning

    Drew Brees

    Tony Romo

    HB- Starter-DeAngelo Williams

    Clinton Portis

    Johnathan Stewart

    FB- Starter-Le'Ron McClain

    Ovie Mughelli

    WR- 1st-Larry Fitzgerald

    2nd- Andre Johnson

    3rd- Reggie Wayne

    Randy Moss-1st Sub

    Anquan Boldin-2nd Sub

    Roddy White-3rd Sub

    TE- Starter-Jason Whitten

    Chris Cooley

    O-Line- Starter-Colts


    LE- Starter- Justin Tuck

    Trevor Price

    RE- Starter-Jared Allen

    Luis Castilo

    DT- Starter- Kevin Williams and Albert Haynesworth

    Pat Williams and Darnell Dockett

    LOLB- Starter-Ray Lewis

    LaMarr Woodley

    MLB- Starter-Brain Urlacher

    Johnathan Vilma

    ROLB- Starter-DJ Williams

    Tedy Bruschi

    CB- Starters- Nnamdi Asomugha and Antonio Cromartie

    AL Harris and Quetin Jammer

    FS- Starter-Ed Reed

    Antoine Bethea

    SS- Starter-Bob Sanders

    Troy Polomalu

    K-Jason Elam

    P-Hunter Smith

    KR-Devin Hester

    Josh Cribbs

    PR-Devin Hester

  • Qb-Drew Brees

    -Tom Brady

    -Donovan Mcnabb

    Hb-Derrick Ward

    -Deangelo Williams

    -Matt Forte

    Fb-Lorenzo Neal

    -Fb from the ravens forgot his name

    Wr-Randy Moss

    -Greg Jennings

    -Reggie Wayne

    -Larry Fitzgerald

    -Andre Johnson

    Te-Antonio Gates

    -Jason Witten

    -Anthony Fasano

    Dt/De-Mario Williams

    -Jarred Allen

    -Julius Peppers

    -Albert Haynesworth

    -Pat Williams

    Lb-Ryan Clark that sob hits

    -Demarcus Ware

    -Joey Porter

    -Ray Lewis

    Cb-Asante Sameuls

    -Nmadhi Asomougha

    -Dominique Antonio Rodger Cromartie amazing speed and very young and talented

    -Antonio Cromartie

    SS/FS-Troy Polamallu

    -Ed Reed

    -Bob Sanders

    -Brian Dawkins

    K-Josh Brown

    P-Brian Scifers or however u say the chargers punter

    Kr/Pr-Devin Hester and Reggie Bush

    Source(s): Adrian Peterson is a mistake he will get u yards and is an amazing player but he led the league in fumbles and turnovers help teams loose games
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