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Will Vince Carter Be Number 15 On The Orlando Magic?

I am looking to buy a VC Jersey and I want to know which Number I should customize it as.

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    Im not sure i dont think they announced it yet.

    I will try my best to give you some ideas though.

    First since there has been rumors and some facts that turkoglu(#15) might leave orlando and with that happening there is a chance that vince could keep his number.

    Second i think the players could pick there numbers since shaq chose 33 for cleavland.

    Overall i think Vince will either get the option to pick and i hope he picks 15 with a chance of turkoglu leaving or if not they will give him a number thats not been used. Honestly i wouldnt be suprised if it was in the 20's.

    I too want a Vince magic jersey =]

    Hope this helps


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    I'm hoping he can wear #15.

    That's always been his number since highschool, North Carolina, Toronto Raptors, and New Jersey Nets. No need to change it now.

    "Hi, I'm Vince Carter, remember me"

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    I think I saw or read somehwere that he will have #13.

    Well, they made the trade before Hedo left, and jersey #'s are picked right away during the trade, so, it wouldn't be #15.

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    If Hedo Leaves

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    Probably if Hedo leaves (currently #15).

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    If hedo toukolu leaves then probably

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    he's probably going to be another number. not sure which one though

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    6 years ago
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    maybe #1 like his cousin T-mac! lol

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