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THIN LIZZY questionnaire .... fans and experts , please share your thoughts .?

This is a small questionnaire or opinion getter !!! dedicated to one of the greatest Rock acts ever "THIN LIZZY" . Here we go :

{A} Rate Thin Lizzy studio albums from the best to your least favorite , even if you just listened to two of them , then just state them :

-Thin Lizzy 1971

-Shades Of A Blue Orphanage 1972

-Vagabonds Of The Western World 1973

-Night Life 1974

-Fighting 1975

-Jailbreak 1976

-Johnny The Fox 1976

-Bad Reputation 1977

-Black Rose 1979

-Chinatown 1980

-Renegade 1981

-Thunder & Lightning 1983

{B} What are your top three Thin Lizzy songs ?

{C} What is your favorite mark of the band :

-Mark I >> Philo , Bell , Downey

-Mark II >> Philo , Downey , Robertson , Gorham

-Mark III >> Philo , Downey , Green , Gorham

-Mark IV >> Philo , Downey , Gorham , White , Wharton

-Mark V >> Philo , Downey , Gorham , Sykes , Wharton

{D} To you , is the sound of Thin Lizzy at their highest peaks a Heavy Metal or Hard Rock ?

{E} Finally , will you ever forget PHILO and why people here

do !!!?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Black Rose

    Bad Reputation

    Vagabonds of the Western World

    Johnny the Fox


    Thin Lizzy


    Shades of the Blue Orphanage

    Thunder & Lightning


    B) Jailbreak

    Running Back

    Cowboy Song

    C) -Mark II >> Philo , Downey , Robertson , Gorham

    D) They had their own kind of style. They had a mix of metal, hard rock, jazz and all sorts of genres

    E) Phil Lynott is one of the greatest and most underrated musicians of our time. Most people think of Thin Lizzy as just the guys who did "The Boys are Back in Town", but they were so much more than that

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