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Who should pay for the damage of forged and fake documents do to unsuspecting citizens?

Illegals using fake and forged I.D.'s is on the rise, who should pay for the damages done to the people who's i.d's are being stolen and used?

Should these people hold the U.S. government responsible since they are not enforcing the laws?

Many friends and family members of illegal aliens are allowing these illegals to use their social security numbers, what should be the punishment for these aiders and abettors?

What should be the punishment for any illegal alien caught using a fake or forged social security number or I.D.?


I am not the one who needs to hide anything, i am An American citizen who wants illegals to stop ruining this country and returned to where they belong.

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    I think suing the Fed government is a good place to start. It is their responsibility to secure the border and protect US citizens. They have failed to do so. Therefore they are responsible.

    I think naming Congress and Senate who voted to pass legislation in favor of illegals should be named in the lawsuit also. These people were elected by citizens to represent us not illegal aliens.

    Any citizen or LPR giving an illegal family member the use of their social should be a felony for the citizen, a felony and automatic deportation for the LPR with a lifetime ban.

    Any illegal alien caught & convicted using a fake or stole, also a lifetime ban with DNA and fingerprints taken and put in all criminal data bases.

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    All the US Citizens that run the immigration scams should be responsible for this. These poor immigrants were trying to do things the right way, to only be left with broken dreams. These scamers continue to work because most of the time they go unreported by the illegals. SHAME ON THEM!

    Anti-Fraud Campaign Against Citizenship Scams Unveiled

    TAMPA - Federal officials are warning immigrants to avoid being ripped off by people offering to help them with immigration paperwork.

    Immigration Scams

    Being in a foreign country and not knowing the language can make immigrants more vulnerable to immigration scams. Immigrants may sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between individuals who provide legitimate immigration services and those that do not. It is easy for non-legit individuals to lease office space and set up what appears to be a legitimate business.

    The illegal immigrants may discover afterwards that they were part of a scam, but the immigration consultants may threaten them with deportation or turning them into the police. This causes many cases to go unreported. As a result, those who are committing fraud usually continue deceiving others. They may charge anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars to file an application. Not only are they taking the hard earned cash of illegal immigrants, but they are also hurting them in the long run. In the cases where illegal immigrants apply for a Green Card, a visa, or temporary work permit, the previous application may be detrimental. This may even jeopardize their chances of being able to remain legally in the United States. They have to be careful not only of fraudulent immigration consultants but of fraudulent immigration lawyers as well.

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    We should restart the chain gangs and any illegal caught the first time needs to spend one year cutting grass along our highways. Second time 2 years. Anyone that aids or hires an illegal alien should spend five years on the chain gang. And if the ACLU says anything they should be deported to mexico.

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    The illegals and the people providing the fake ID's "should pay for the damage of forged and fake documents."

    Use should result in fines, imprisonment, and liability to others for the damages caused by use of the fake ID's.

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    Those who use false, forged, fake documents should pay damages to the person harmed, in addition to criminal penalties (jail, deportation, permanent bar). Those forging docs for these people should likewise have to pay damages to those harmed, plus go to jail, and if non-citizen, be deported & permanently barred.

    Anyone using false, forged, stolen docs to deceive employers & obtain employment when they are not authorized to work should be required to pay the $10,000 fine for illegally working (instead of the employer paying it), and pay damages to the employer and to the person whose docs they stole, in addition to jail for criminal fraud, deportation and permanent bar.

    Anyone who knowingly allows someone else to use their identification for any purpose whatsoever should be fined, jailed, and pay damages to anyone they harm by their actions. If non-citizen, deport as undesirable alien and permanent bar to reentry.

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    The same people who pay for all of the internet identity theft, cloning of credit cards, etc. Funny trying to imply only illegals ever commit crimes, obsession, obsession, obession.

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    the ones who are allowing illegals to use their info should face federal charges. the illegals who are stealing info and the govt does noting, the govt should be held responsible for it.

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    What's your Obsession with illegals?

    Hiding something are we?

    Girl you need to open your eyes, illegals aren't ruining this country, America is.

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