Will obamas "crap & trade" raise the cost to cool my home?

I live by laredo texas where it is hot. Today it reached 108 degrees and we are in a drought. I have a new born & 2 dogs that I need to keep cool so I leave my air condtioner on all the time.

I dont care about the ozone layer right now. Its either cool my house or risk my child & pets getting sick from heat exhaustion.Will obamas stupid bill bring extra charges for me?


Forget War Buy More:: Go put one of your kids into a hot car & leave them in it for a few hours and see what they will be like when you return. A/C is not a right, but try living in 108 degree weather with a new born, i dont give a damn what you think it is

Update 2:

108 degrees! We are in a drought! We are under water restrictions! When you go outside, It feels like you are inside a hot car! And the funny thing is that it is only june! Imagine how hot it will be in july & august. If you live in the north, then good luck heating your house in the winter, cause here in texas we still have our a/cs on in december.

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    Absolutely it will.

  • kpk02
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    Nah, your bill won't go up. That's because you will simply be restricted to a maximum cooling level of say.. 20 degrees below the outside temperature with a minimum setting of say 80 degrees. So if it's 108 out you can keep your house as a chilly 88 degrees.

    I just made up those numbers, but seriously the bill does open the doorway up for such regulations to be enacted.... for the good of the planet.

    Most likely everyone will be paying absurdly higher energy rates for all forms of energy. AND also for all goods and services, because every business will be eating the high energy costs as well.

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    The ozone layer has nothing to do with carbon emission guidelines. The basic theory of anthropogenic warming (now called climate change because the warming has paused) is that heightened levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause essentially a global raise in temperature due to a "magnifying glass" like effect.

    THe problems with this are numerous. George Bush recieved massive criticism when he would not ratify the Kyoto protocol. Although Kyoto called for massive envioronmental reform for the six most industrialized nations in the world, it did nothing to restrict blossoming economies like India or China. Because of this it would have served to damage our economy and the economy of other Western countries immensely, and would have gived China, India, etc, an unfair advantage.

    Well, B.O. is doing Kyoto one better. If you watched "Earth 2100", you would have seen one of our wonderful democrats discussing climate change with China and several other countries. He asserts that he wants China to go green and China asserts that we utilized fossil fuels to become what we are today and that we have no right to demand anything different of China. So what do we do? We offer to PAY FOR CHINA TO GO GREEN. That's right ladies and gentlemen; Obama is not only going to use our money to fix all the problems in the US, he is also going to turn the world green.

    There is still debate of A.G.W. (anthropogenic global warming) Contrary to Gore's assertion, along with many of the morons that frequent this sight, AGW is not scientific fact. See this sight debunking and debating global warming if you want some real information from people that aren't brainwashed:


    What Barry is doing is utilizing any excuse he can to raise taxes through the roof. He is doing this because he is spending our tax money faster than he can possibly replace it. We are heading for a disaster and president idiot is steering the boat.

    They say that this bill will cost the "average" family of four $3000.00 a year. What I find incredibly disturbing is that I myself am forced to pay a large heating bill during the winter months already. My house is a 1500 sq. ft., 80 year old multistory house. It needs a new furnace, new insulation, and a new air conditioning system. How is someone like me supposed to afford replacing those things if I am going to be paying twice what I am now? I am paying $400.00 per month during the winter, does president dipshi* really think that I need to be "punished" more for my behavior?

    And what happens when I can't afford the $800 a month heating bill? Do I give up my house? Do I stop using my furnace and just let my daughter freeze to death? What is the course of action that President Fuc*face expects of me? Can I just print some money to fix all my problems? Nope, only HE can do that.

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    The answer is an resounding "YES".

    You will be charged for the service.

    You will be charged for the fuel consumption.

    Which we already are that is considered double dipping now they have found a way to triple the bill.

    Listen to the Politicians that voted yes on this they will not pay their office utility bill we the Taxpayers are paying it.

    We the Taxpayer pay the White House light bill. how much higher will it cost us with Obama keeping the temp.

    this going to get downright ugly.

    Thank you All you Obama voters if you hated America that much you should have left.

    Source(s): Since he only bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, ergo we must keep Obamas' King happy and wealthy. That is how I see it.
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    Yes. The problem with their little "global warming" lie is well, that it's a lie!!!! Global warming is a part of the earths natural cycle as is global cooling which we will be seeing in the next few years.

    I know, our electricity gets up to 250 during the summer time, and we live in Dallas. Yes, it does get up to 108 at times. Obama is a no good, lying ***, piece of sh!t, mother f*cker and I hate him.

    I've even had people in INDIA tell me that Obama was not born in America, they tell me that he was born in Kenya and that American people are so stupid becase they can't see it! I've even had people in PAKISTAN tell me that Obama got the highest education that Pakistan can offer when he was younger. And Kenyans admit that he was born there! Shouldn't that tell us something folks?

  • Wiz
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    The cost may well double. It will also increase our dependence on foreign gasoline. Oil companies have already calculated that the increase in taxes will make it more cost effective for them to shut down refineries here and just import refined gasoline from overseas. Of course if the point were to become energy independent they would have language in the bill to forbid Nuclear Power stations and forbid drilling our own sources of oil.

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    Yes and U still have a house things must be going well in Texas it's terrible in Florida.One Term Barry's cap and trade bill will greatly increase your energy costs. Even Barry has admitted this.

    Urge both your senators to vote against this Cap & Trade .Amnesty is Next.

  • Rick31
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    It will raise the cost of everything including cooling and heating your home, and all groceries and anything that is transported from one place to another. It is a mega tax on working Americans. It is change you can believe in. The voters got what they asked for.

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    Most likely .. Yes.

    As most coal generating pants will be forced to "buy" carbon credits...and pass that cost onto the consumer..

    Take the time to read UN agenda 21 and find out what the left and the UN have in future for you and the world.

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    The bill has to pass the Senate and that is unlikely. So sit tight for now until the Senate votes on it.

    If by some retarded reason it DOES pass then yes, we will all be subject to massive increases in our energy costs. You will have to keep the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter.

    Obama sucks.

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    Oh yes.

    In a nutshell, Cap and Trade will raise energy costs by around 10% a year for at least the next 8 years.

    You can read this and take from it what you like.


    "Cap and Trade" is the largest tax bill in the history of the US (and probably the world).

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