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will getting carter help orlando?

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    Carter will definitely help the Orlando Magic. He gives a lot of what Hedo did, although he doesn't have the height advantage at 6'10. Vince Carter is a game winner and come out and make plays when his team is down. The only thing that really hurts the Magic team, is that they don't have those young guys like Courtney Lee, and Rafer Alston that can come off the bench and get those points that they needed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Turkoglu helped Orlando get through the team with the NBA's best record in the Cavs, plus the defending champion Boston Celtics. Rafer Alston stepped up big as the PG when Nelson was out. I still think if they did not bring NELSON back the Magic would be NBA champions. I hate the V.C trade it makes the Magic less of a contender in the East. Why let Hedo Turkoglu leave when you can sign him for $10 mil. Vince Carter brings no heart,motivation, or intensity to the this club. Bringing Carter to play for the MAGIC was a bad decision and you will see before the All Star Break that the Magic will be 5-7 seed. I think without V.C they can finish 1-3. now with him they can fall all they way back to the 7th seed. Stan Van Gundy dont let Hedo leave or you will be losing out on a great offensive player.

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  • i dont think he will help at all courty lee and rafer alston were 2 of the biggest parts to how good the magic were and to trade theme foe VC hows really no where near as good as he use to be i mean look at the nets they had him j.kidd and jefferson and never made it past the semifinals in the east.

    But at the same time He will fit very great with the style of play. Every body talkin about Lebron and shaq, but magics new big 4 are going to be explosive. Smart move by orlando seeing that cleveland is now a threat to there finals repeat apperance. The problem i think with orlando will be ego's. Who will be leader of orlando. Vincanity or Superman.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, here is my take on the trade so you can decide for yourself. Note: it was written before the trade was finalized and deals wiht its possibility as well. i was surprised they gave up on turk so easily. I know its long but if you are interested take a read.

    It is clearly a move for the now disregarding the future, and it appears that the only reason for the move is the possible loss of hedo turkoglue.

    In my opinion, the magic's systems all around shooting and balance is what gives it its potency. Lee is part of that balance, alston is a decent back up, and battie is a decent defensive peice.

    The thing here is that vince has never been the aggresive stud he needs to be in this system, as one of the few players capable of penetrating and making open shots for others.

    Carter doesn't go to the rim enough to really open up the shooters when howard is not scoring regularly or drawing doubles, and he has always been accused of being jumpshot happy, which is exactly the opposite of the magic needs.

    THey need a replacement for hedo, a guy who can get his own shot, will be aggresive, get into the paint, and if he has to knock down the open j, but not to settle,.

    As vince gets older he is more and more reluctant to attack and his efficiency gets worse and worse. The magic are a jump shooting team and they need a guy who can shoot 45% +.

    Perhaps with a lower volume of shots, vince could be succesful, although his passing out after a penetration would have to improve. But i think having carter is a major downgrade. he is older, more injury prone, less efficient, has been known to be jumpshot happy and force offense and does not have the size and versatility offensively of turkoglue.

    So, the trade appears like a gamble and maybe a possible disastert, but who knows, perhaps , they sign vince, with fewer shots to take he is more aggresive, gets into the paint with nelson, knocks down open shots, and opens up teamates.

    It could workout being equivalent to turkoglue, the issue is will carter be healthy long enough for howard to finish developing.

    An interesting trade with some potential and some issues, pretty balanced in terms of risk, it all depends on vinces attitude.

    If vince gets a new hop in his step, penetrates aggresively, kicks out to open shooters, and finishes strong this could be his revival, but if he settles, which he has been accused of doing throughout his career, or gets injured, this hurts.

    hope this helped

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    people don't think that but he can help big

    hedo took way bad shot at the end of games,cause opponents knew he was gonna shoot a 3 if he had the ball

    now carter,he can shoot anywhere and makes clutch shots

    he can play point,which many didn't see since the nets weren't that good

    he played point when devin harris was resting and when harris was injured,he played point

    so he is like a hedo upgraded player

    this is obviously a better thing for orlando compared to the wolves drafting ricky

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  • acleex
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    Yes, he will spread the floor and dish the ball to Dwight as well. Hopefully he won't be injured otherwise the Magic will not go back to the Finals, especially if Hedo signs elsewhere, which I at this time doubt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Carter would add more scoring and penetrations for the Magic. He can make Howard's task easier.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, he gives you everything hedo gave you, and better. The only thing Hedo had was his height so it created matchup problems. but other then that, VC can create his own shot, win close games, and make spectacular plays. and i think w/ vince the team will get more money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If they manage to retain Hedo, getting VC is a boost but if they can't, getting VC wouldn't make too much of a difference.

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  • 1 decade ago

    kind of. Toni B. doesn't play a lot, Courtny Lee is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and rafer Alston is usually good but V-C is better.

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