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How do people feel about this letter to the editor over illegals?Can't afford to pay for illegal immigrants?

Can't afford to pay for illegal immigrants

The DREAM Bill is a nightmare for legal U.S. residents. Why should those who have chosen to violate our laws now demand equal treatment? If illegals are allowed to violate one law, entering the country illegally, than legal residents should be allotted the same. Let legal residents violate one law as well. Then we would have equal treatment.

How many children of legal immigrants have worked two or three jobs to attain a college degree because the government could not financially help them? Further, if these illegal immigrants want to attend college and get their citizenship, they can do so proudly through our armed services. The Montgomery & Post 9/11 Bill provides for this. How many of those illegal immigrants are registered with our selective service, a requirement that must be fulfilled by legal residents as well as illegal residents?

Legal immigrants throughout our history have struggled to attain the lofty positions they hold today. Many doing so without government aid, too proud to take handouts. Many also entered our armed services bravely serving their new country. The free rides need to stop. If you are here illegally, you have shown you do not respect the laws of this country. If it is an education you seek, go back to your homeland and get it there. Petition the governments in your homeland to make the necessary changes to pay for your education. Legal U.S. residents cannot afford to pay for illegals anymore.

Linda Cabral Marrero


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    IF they cannot pay for them then why didnt they send them back befre they made them broke? IF they really wanted to send them back why dont they just do it , they do have the money, just in the last year in my town alone they have built a new library (having a perfectly good one to began with), a bringe to take us to he next state (since we are too lazy to drive the old road), a new school for middle schoolers, ( even though the one they are in now is not as old as most of the kids in it) yeah i guess we are broke but who is really to blame?

    Every year the US spends billions of dollars on things we do not need, but complain about illegals.. that is just ignorant

    Leviticus (19:33-4):”And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land,

    ye shall not vex him. But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be

    unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself.”

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    I agree that we can't afford the responsibility of illegals in our country. Mexico fiercely protects their borders while allowing illegals to cross to ours. How rude. There are some that come here for the handouts and are having babies each year! It is bankrupting hospitals in Texas as well as other places I'm sure. I do feel sorry for the people who are trying to escape what is a chaotic country but there are so many of them that we can not afford it. The fact that they do sneak over here is wrong but some truly are desperate. Even with the sympathy factor we simply are not in a financial position to be able to allow this to worsen. I believe Homeland Security is deliberately turning a blind eye so that we will be overrun by illegals and feel forced to make allowances in our laws to protect them. It, to me, is just one more step in an agenda that is designed to weaken our nation to the point of convincing the world that we are defeated in every way. We are being simultaneously attacked by our federal government on so many different levels that the confusion and chaos could very well bring us to our knees. I never want to see the day.

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    Joey the moron, unlawful alien border criminals not in trouble-free terms can vote they're vote casting. Many states including the main important state in usa, do not verify for identity whilst human beings come to vote. All you ought to do is sign up. there's no verify finished on you criminal status. era. try to advance up. To the questioner, i've got spoke back this question already. it is all relating to the flexibility and the money. till we upward push up and combat lower back NOW individuals would be slaves in there very own u . s . a ..

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    Anyone wonder why California is broke? The figure of 12 million illegals is false, there are 12 million in California alone. Hospitals shut down every day because the illegals use them as free clinics and can not be turned away. And yes they do vote.

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    "DITTO" (whatever that means.) Absolutely correct, in today`s crappy economic situation, I can`t even afford to buy myself new underwear-I sure need it, I got urine & stool lab samples on ones I`m wearing now-how much less could I be paying for some illegal`s children their schooling...No "dream act" nightmares for Americans.

    Source(s): "Mamie 2" stop taking Bible verses out of their contexts....God/Bible, also says that strangers that would live with Israelites were to RESPECT ALL the LAWS of God, Illegals that come from Mexico (and elsewhere.) do NOT respect U.S. laws, but are breaking them at every "corner", every chance they get.
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