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Is it OK for my male bettas to see each other through the glass?

I have two small tanks each containing one male betta. Recently one of my fish died and I replaced him with another male betta. The remaining fish seems to want to fight through the glass with the new male. Is it unhealthy for them to be allowed to see each other and flare and such, or is it OK?


Danielle, each of my bettas are in a five gallon tank.

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    If I ever have a sick or inactive Betta, I will place it's tank next to another, or give it a mirror to encourage him to exercise and become active again. I also have one divided 10g tank and I'm actually going to get a divider for another 10g later today.

    I'd say that if your Betta are not entirely focused on each other it should be safe to leave the tanks like that. If one or both ONLY spends it's time flaring and displaying at the other, that would be problematic. You don't want the fish to become so aggravated and stressed that it feels it must constantly intimidate the other. High stress levels will make the risk for diseases and parasites rise.

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    Ok your making a few mistakes there. Betta's are aggressive fish. mistake number 1 is they can see each other and because they can see each other and with Betta's if they see each other they get stressed and want to fight. Don't let them see each other. Another thing is you need a bigger tank for the Betta's. If the two Betta's were in the same tank they would fight to the death. The males are even aggressive toward the females and the females are twice as bad as the males.


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    How small is "small"? Bettas could desire to have a minimum of a gallon each and each, on the minimum (which skill your tank could could desire to be a minimum of two gallons) or maybe then you definitely could could desire to be doing finished water variations each and every 3 or 4 days. that's a threat that the plastic could desire to be leeching into your water and poisoning your betta. besides the undeniable fact that, if it have been particularly making your betta unwell then i could think of he could be refusing nutrition thoroughly particularly than attempting to consume and failing. attempt feeding him smaller pellets for the timebeing. I easily have the comparable issue with a number of my bettas (attempt to consume yet can not get the entire piece of nutrition in) and that i exploit HBH Betta Bites, which artwork super. 3-5 pellets an afternoon would be plenty. in case you're removing the plastic, they won't finally cool down. they'll save flaring at one yet another, which will rigidity them out and reason fin harm, alongside with a variety of of different issues. i in my view do no longer propose this. My advice could be to easily get a clean tank, so as that the two bettas have one tank each and each. Bettas love having area to swim around and exercising.

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    No, it's not. If the two see each other through different tanks then the one fish could get aggressive and not like the other fish. I would suggest get something between the two tanks and make sure they do not see each other because that can cause hate and will attack your other fish if you put it in the same tank. Hope this works for you :]

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    Some people consider it good exercise to let them do this for brief periods every now and again.

    But if you leave them for long times together they'll stress out, as well as eventually getting bored and ignoring each other.

    It's not a good thing for them to be side by side - like the other poster said, piece of paper between the tanks could save both fish a lot of stress

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    No, it is a cause of stress for bettas to be exposed to other bettas for extended periods of time. Some people think that seeing other males for a few minutes provides good exercise, but I don't know that there is enough proof to back this up. Fish can seriously die from stress, no joke. I would relocate one of the tanks so they can't see eachother.

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    I don't think it's a problem. Generally, the inner tank glass acts like a mirror, so fish inside see their own reflection ;o

    Have a nice day!

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    in the wild male betta fish attack each other to see who is more stronger, keeping them in view of each other causes them a lot of stress which over time can result in ragged fins, and cometimes even death. You can tell if they're in view of each other if their gills start to flare and they trash around wildly.

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    No its not okay,

    I used to have beta fish and had the same problem

    One of them kept banging against the glass of their tank trying to

    reach the other bet and eventually died :(

    Hope this helps

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    Its okay to put them side by side occasionally for stimulation but I would keep them separate for the long term. It is natural for them to display their aggression. I have see one jump from their tank into the next one.

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