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Where can i get hip hop clothing?

I have been looking for hip hop clothes such as kanye's shoes maybe something underground or just basic hip hop but i cant find a store online that suits my needs can someone please help me find an online store several links will help thanx in advance....

p.s. not gangster hip hop" loose clothing" more like breakdancing, music lover hip hop, semi loose or fitted"

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    you can get it at hip hop stores like up against the wall and look for stores that focus more on urban style clothing unlike hollister and abercrombie and fitch..there are tons of stores that sell urban clothing like

    urban outfitters

    level x

    macys even

    or online stores like


    or look for stores that sell shoes and clothes like sneakers cause most likely they will have cool clothes

    i hoped tht helped

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    .you may try this:

    wholesale shoes,jean,cap,handbag,sunglass,short,ha...

    All products sold at the website with good quality,free shipping,the price is competitive. which can accept paypal. I have bought products from them.

    sneaker: airmax 90, 95 etc $28-42 free shiping.

    boots: UGG etc $60 free shiping.

    Jeans : polo etc $28-49 free shipping

    T-shirts : A&f etc $11-18 free shipping.

    hoodies: 5ive etc $28-40 free shipping

    handbags: Ed hardy etc $35-68 free shipping

    Sunglasses: LV etc $8-12 free shipping

    Belts: BOSS etc $8-12 free shipping

    Caps: red bull etc $8-10 free shipping

    Watches:rolex etc $40—80 free shipping

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    I think you are crazy about hip hop clothes...Why don't u go for online shopping sites...So many online shopping sites are

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    i have a perfect outfit in mind ;D

    a plaid shirt [red/white]

    skinny jeans [grayish]

    nike dunks [white &gray or just plain white]

    and a fittted (:

    ^those are the basics so they're not really hard to find.. thought i don't know of a specific store for you .

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    go to

    i like there clothes, its an online store so yeah.

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    Take a look at Twenga! I'm sure you can find it there

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