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1Susan hasn't showed up yet. Are you c_n that she will come?

2A c_n lady I have never seen left a message for you.

3Amy and Helen have one c_c in common-they are always friendly to people

4Jane's c_r is very different from mine;she is shy while I am energetic.

5Do you know any c_rs in the film The Lord of the Rings?

6I don't believe that anyone in the world has m_l powers.

7Bob can park in front of my house;l_e,I can park in front of his.

8It was hard for me to d_e that accident correctly correctly because it just happened suddenly.

9It was u_s for us to run away because we were surrounded by many people.

10Your poor health is r_d to your habit of smoking.You had better quit it.

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    1. certain

    2. certain

    3. characteristic

    4. character

    5. characters

    6. magical

    7. likewise

    8. determine

    9. useless

    10. related

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