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In regards to our meeting in Kaohsiung June 26, 2009 it is my belief we are well on the way to accomplishing the standards as set out by the Collections Tactical plan. In our meeting we went attempted to identify the items that were non-conforming with the plan. I think that all of these recommendations should be set as a guideline to be implemented alongside the operations knowledge already in obtained. That your management experience should allow you to take the ideas and adapt them to best suit our needs.


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    關於我們的會議在高雄2009年6月26日它是我們很好在途中對完成標準如開始由彙集作戰計劃的我的信仰。 在我們的會議我們去試圖辨認是非相容的與計劃的項目。 我認為應該設置所有這些推薦作為沿著操作知識將被實施的指南已經在獲得。 您的管理經驗應該允許您接受想法和適應他們最適合於我們的需要。


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