So I have AT&T as my service provider right now, and I don't have 3G...?

A) How much more would it cost to get this...3G feature?

B) What exactly IS this 3G thing?

And I am now thinking of getting the Samsung Impression...any reviews?

Thanks. =]

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Definition of 3G---->3G is the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. 3G supersedes 2G technology and precedes 4G technology. 2.5G was a temporary bridge between 2G and 3G.

    3G technologies enabled faster data-transmission speeds, greater network capacity and more advanced network services.

    3G can be included on the phone itself. Some phones are not compatible for 3G though. It has not like an extra feature you can pay for. It has to come with the phone & be compatible. You can go to phonescoop web site & look up the Impression.Click the review tab to read the reviews on the phone.

    Source(s): Cellphones.About web site (definition)
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