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i laughed when i heard michael jackson was rushed to the hospital. i feel horrible. whats wrong with me!?

my heart was beating rapidly. my heart dropped. and i started laughing... i feel horrible. no part of this is funny. but when i heard he died. i thought my heart was about to explode. i was frantic.

what other types of laughs are there other than the laugh you laugh when you've been entertained! i feel horrible!!!!! ); i dont think ill be able to forgive myself.

i love michael jackson more than anything, just so you all know, so dont yell and scream at me. help me!


phew. thanks alot, people ;) im not going to choose a best answer. might as well just let the people vote!

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    I think plenty of people laughed and maybe still are...

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    No you do no longer desire psychological help all people has extraordinary desires like that. I save having desires that i'm in my previous neighbor's abode on my own even although she moved away and now there are human beings residing interior the abode. that's many times dark too. And confident i'm guffawing. no longer wanting to puke although have not got that plenty mind's eye

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    You just went into shock and didn't know how to deal with the news. I was like that too, when my dad told me that Michael Jackson had died I almost started laughing (of course when I turned the TV on and saw it was true I burst into tears).

  • Lux
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    Many times laughing is just a way to relieve stress. Like when a teacher gets really really mad at you and you start laughing? Or something really bad happens to someone and you crack up? It's the same thing. You had so many emotions you didn't know what else to do :(.

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    MJ was the butt of alot of jokes, who isn't...its the fact that it was his last trip to the hospital that isn't funny. Granted I don't respect the man only his trade...could care less about his charity work...anyone could give money away....does he know who got it....their fave color...i your only human...maybe we all should think before we laugh at anothers misfortion...

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    This is common behaviour for an immature personality. I am sure you will laugh less when your time is on the way and it is coming and will be here sooner than you think because life is short and then you will not laugh anymore.

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    it's called nerves. when i was a teen my grandmother died. my sister laughed the whole time at the funeral. after wards we got into a fight, i stopped talking to her. it was my dr who told me it was her nerves. some people have different ways of handling situations and laughing is one of them.

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    Don't worry!

    I bet it was nervous laughter!

    I do it all the time!

    I can't believe he is gone

    and nothing is wrong with you no worries

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    don't worry it could be a mental break down just be calm i did kind of laugh maybe you could be like me just not believing it. ps i love mj too

  • it's like to good to be true like michael jackson? DYING? haha.. thats not real right like one of those nerves haha your kidding right....? thats all it is

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