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How to act like a therapist?

Okay, me and my friend came up with a contest, since we are both seeing thearpists at the time. We are going to see who's the better thearpist. Like who can talk like one the most. We already have our paitent [[ who has seen countless thearpist and counslers ]but I wondering, does anyone have any tips? Iknow I already see one but our sessions are nothing but blank stares and few extanged words.

I'm 15

I know it's a weird question but I will choose best answer :]

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    Just keep saying "How does that make you feel" and "What does that mean to you?"

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    A decent therapist writes everything down and critically puts into perspective the other person s reality. The therapist must be friendly, open, sincere and a will to help for whoever is in need. He forms a bond of trust with the client and is constructive enough to help the client reach a more positive reality. The desire to help another human being must be part of his/her personality. Indeed, the therapist must have a passion and must know how people behave and the ways of life. In a sense, a good therapist must be philosophical because after all we all have a unique world in which we live our reality.

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    A good therapist needs to listen much and talk little - and when he does speak, he should be sure that he is non-confrontational and that he gives the impression that he is approachable. A therapist should be a person that the patient would approach, ideally, with any worry no matter how small. A good therapist will also be sure to offer feedback that is non-critical and cannot be interpreted by the patient as demeaning, contradictory or persecutory. The primary goal, depending on the therapy, should be getting the patient to embrace new ways of coping and new ways of thinking. It often involves turning negative and destructive behaviors into positive and constructive ones.

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