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Millau Bridge, In France?

How Long Does It Take To Get UP The Bridge, Not Get Across It But UP It!


How Long Does It Take You To DRIVE Up It, Is What I Meant.

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    You can't. The tallest pillar is 244 metres high (their height varies). There are no stairs up for visitors. All you can do is look at the viaduct from below from a special site, or drive over it in a vehicle.

    PS. I see you have added to your question. To reach the bridge by car depends on where your starting point is, which you do not mention, and at what speed you are travelling.

    The visiting centre is five kilometres from the slip road leading off the motorway so it takes about ten minutes from there.

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    The Millau bridge is a motorway, people are not allowed on a motorway or even to walk on the sides so you cannot get on the bridge, and even less get up the piles.

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