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My swordtail died and I don't know why?

My male swordtail just died for no reason. I walked into my room to turn on the tanks light and he started swimming around like crazy. Then he stopped and went to the bottom and died. Why did this happen? Did I startle him??


He was

in a community tank and had 3 females.

Update 2:

The light in my room was on. But the tank light was off. He might of had a seizure :/

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    I have heard of this problem before it happens to some fish for no reason like it happened to some of my fish but its rare ive only seen it about 2 times in 20 years! and i guess he was one of them sorry about him : (

    best of luck to you on your other swordtails! : )

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    I had the same problem, my dad and I, have a community fish tank. We put one sword-tail in and he died. Then we bought a male and female and they lived happily and are still living in the tank. Sword-tails need a partner. But since it was all of a sudden he might have been lonely and shocked.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Fish eyes don't adjust well to sudden light or dark, which could have sent your fish into a frenzy and caused... i dunno, something remarkably like anaphylactic shock. Maybe he had a seizure.

    R.I.P. Fishy.

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    I think it was the light that started him. Just like the sudden flash, you know. I am so sorry he died! :( RIP!!!

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