Will Venezuela declare war on Honduras? Will more countries get involved in the armed conflict?

Will Venezuela declare war on Honduras? After the events that too place today in Honduras, Chavez threatened Honduras with "military action", despite both countries being somewhat distant geographically.


Others have suggested that Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua could enter the war. If this were to happen, and maybe other nations got involved, could this mean the first major war to take place in Latin America? Even now Venezuela is equipping big with even more weapons coming from China and Russia.

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    Not likely. I don't think they have the logistical capability. It would be really difficult for a nation like Venezuela to invade and maintain military control over a US colony. I would doubt seriously that our government would stand aside and let that happen. If the US government would be willing to surrender control of Honduras, they wouldn't have staged the coup in the first place. You know, you got to hand it to Mr hope for change for his first military coup. Even as it is not going as easy as they expected, I am certain after we burn all the schools, churches and hospitals we can easily break the will of the people of Honduras. Those people will have to forget about any democratic ideals and be content with fascism. Oh wait, it is not really fascism when the democrats do it, is it?

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    Don't see it...They don't share borders...and I don't think Venezuela's navy has the capability to conduct a massive invasion...Plus the US is very close with Honduras...We have a base there and Honduras has one of the larger Air Force for a Central American Country...Whaat he could do is declare war and try to start a insurgency war supporting an opposition group ...But the ousted President of Honduras wasn't that popular (30%)...And the Honduran military is pretty good and fighting insurgent wars...I think Chavez is just rying to bloster his own position by wanting more Socialist "Dictatorships" in the area...Take Care

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    its Possible but the United states wont eneter if it were to happen we mybe be able to support honduras with wepons and Supplies and to the other post honduras air force is insufficent the only Air craft they have is a A-37B Dragonflies & Northrop F-5 which were air crafts from pre vietnam most of latin america flys these planes but venezula has been for the lsat few year lately buying more advance fighters but as the other poster said we have bases in honduras the united states might offer support i doubt US will Fight in due to the problems With china and russia and since Central america only deals with Tiwan and not china it whould also cuase more problems but a full scale invasion whould not happen at all but i do belive gorillas and Jihadet whould start making there moves in the country creating civil war but lets hope for the best and the country will go back to normal and be beter

    Source(s): father served in Honduran navy at age 12 and fought commis in the 1980s befor Moving to the united states also curently have family in honduran military
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    It's none of Venezuela's business, even if it does cut off one of their drug pipelines to the US. Chavez is always putting his military on alert for what ever perceived slight. Lets not forget Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-Bravo), a component of the U.S. Southern Command stationed at

    Enrique Soto Cano Air Force Base in Honduras. Chavez's military would make a big mistake attacking it.

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