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What does the job of a "striker" in the navy entail?

My fiance changed his job to 'striker' but couldn't explain in his letter (lack of time in boot camp) and I'm wondering what that job is. He says he goes to Pensacola for two weeks then he gets to come home for two weeks.

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    Learning a job rating out in the fleet as opposed to going to A school is called striking.

    It's not a job. If he's going to Pensacola for two weeks, that means he's gone undesignated airman, which means that he doesn't have a job rating. They'll spend 2 weeks teaching him which part of an airplane is the front and where the wheels are, then he'll get sent off to an air station or a ship and basically do grunt work until he can learn enough about a specific job rating to pass the exam for it.

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    I think "striker is a pretty general term for a person who's going after a rating like "Petty Officer".

    I stole the following from

    Enlisted members of pay grades E-4 and above are said to be "rated," meaning that they possess a rating, or occupational specialty. Members of grades E-1 to E-3 can become "strikers," meaning they have rating designations like Petty Officer (example: a BM3 is a Petty Officer Third Class rated as a Boatswain's Mate; BMSN is a Seaman designated as a Boatswain's Mate striker), but do not necessarily have to be. Whether a designated striker or not, personnel in the pay grades of E-3 and below are all considered "Non-Rates." There are more than 50 ratings covering a broad range of skills and subspecialties.

    For example, SA SMITH, MARY. would be considered a Seaman Apprentice. Prior to her rank of SA a rating would be placed. Therefore, her entire title would be ITSA SMITH, MARY. IT indicating Information Systems Technician. As for ENFN THOMPSON, JOHN. EN specifying the occupation as Engineman and FN as Fireman.

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    It means he doesn't have a job. He'll be joining the Navy undesignated, that is without a rating. In the Navy, ratings determine what you do. Being a striker, your husband has the opportunity to work with different rates in order to determine which rate he'll be striking for. This ultimately decides what he does in the Navy.

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