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What piece of jewelry means the most to you?

I have a lot of jewelry but the ones that mean the most to me are:

1. My white gold ring with the diamonds. My ma got it for me for my confirmation. I never take it off.

2. My Swarovski earrings I got for my graduation from my grandpa. He gave me the $ I went out and bought them.

3. My gold hoops my grandparents got me from Italy.

4. My GUESS watch I got from my cousin for Confirmation[she was my sponsor]

And I think that's it. I have alot but those mean the most to me.

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    1. My gold locket that has my initials engraved on it. My aunt gave it to me when I was born because she was my God mother. She passed away 5 years ago, so it means a lot to me.

    2. My cross I got from my grandparents for confirmation

    3. And my 3 rings that I wear everyday

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    Getting Out Of Middle School Class Ring

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    Gosh, I have sooo much jewelry! Where do I start?!

    1) My leather necklace that has a pendant on it. Its an odd shape but if you look at it for a long time you will see two people holding hands in a moon shape.

    2) My bangles (too many to count) I love the jingly sound they make. tee hee!

    3) My anklet, it has bells all around it and make a very nice jangling sound every time I walk.

    4) My silver cuff on my right hand, I have had it on forever!

    5) My rings, one is like a medieval one and it represents strength, the other is small and has a unique pattern that represents peace and harmony and the other one hs an odd pattern round it too, it kind of looks like the yin and yang symbol.

    6) My long hippie earrings that jangle as well. lol

    and thats pretty much it...hehe

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    1. The white gold and diamond Tiffany & Co. rings (I stack them on top of each other) my ex boyfriend gave me. I love the rings and we are still kind of friends and he told me he wanted me to keep wearing every thing he got me.

    2. My 1.5 carat diamond earrings my mom got me for my 8th grade graduation. I started stretching me ears so I have to wear them in my second hole, since my ears are really skinny by my second hole, they look huge now haha.

    3. This beautiful vintage diamond necklace, it was my great grand mothers, that thing is insane. It is so over the top and I love it.

    4. This ring I have custom made, its a two finger ring for my left ring and middle fingers. It is platinum, has three rows of diamonds, the top and bottem are black diamonds and the middle are white. It weighs a ton and I can't use those two fingers haha but I love it.

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  • A Rolex. From Dad

    Dolphin bead jewelery. From Key West

    Diamond ring-Italy

    Diamond necklace-from boyfriend

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    When my grandma died she left me a pair of diamond earrings. They were really special. My grandma didn't have a lot. She had eight children and not a good career so money was tight. She had 16 grandchildren and I was one of the few kids that got something from her when she died. I felt special. They mean a lot to me.


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    1 decade ago

    the only one that means the most to me is the silver and gold band on my right ring finger.

    my bf got it for me for our six months, i never take it off, its a friendship ring

    the other piece of jewelery which i will get in the next four months or so, will go on my other ring finger, if you know what i mean

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    My necklace from a stranger..long story...its one of those ones that you see on commercials that has smal diamon and they get bigger and theres about 5 of them but there all in the shape of a heart

    My white gold promise ring from my boyfriend

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    1 decade ago

    My opal golden ring that I wear every day, it's an anteic.

    My diamond necklas with the matching earrings.

    My pink pearl necklas and braclet.

    My $4 peace braclet and my $16 long peace chain.


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    My cross necklace that I got from my parents for conformation and a necklace that I got a long time ago that has my birth stone in the shape of a butterfly.

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