Where to buy fireworks in the north east?

I live in westchester county in NY. Where is the closest place to find them?

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    1 decade ago
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    New York and New Jersey ban the sale of ALL fireworks, so the only state anywhere near you that permits the sale of consumer fireworks is Connecticut (well, there's Pennsylvania, too, but that's kinda far away from you).

    And, of course, the other option is to head down to Chinatown in NYC next week and just walk around 'til someone approaches you to sell you some illegal fireworks. The problem with that, of course, is that you can get ripped off... they'll show you a box of fireworks, then take your money and hand you a box with a brick in it and take off, so watch out!

    Good luck, and the link below is to a directory of fireworks stores in Connecticut...

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    Get any of your friends that took a trip to Vermont/New Hampshire to bring you back some good stuff.

    Just don't tell anybody and you won't have to worry about the $1000 fine that your local police can force.

    New Hampshire has the best fireworks because even their gun laws are lenient.

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    Keep in mind that not only is the Sale of fireworks illegal in NY and NJ, possession of them is also illegal.

    At this time of the year NJ and NY state police randomly stop vehicles on the highway for a spot inspection. If you have fireworks you will wind up in jail. And if you get past the state police, your local police might get you.

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    1 decade ago

    pennsylvania - they are legal and easy to buy - you can also order them online and get some1 close who lives in penn to bring them to you

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