I read up to chapter 18 of Karakuri Odette are there any more chapter releases that are translated?

I read it on Onemanga.com are there any other websites that has free manga that you don't have to download.

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    To answer your first question, the joint scanlator teams, Serenus-Dreamers & Intercross, haven't released any new chapters since Apr. 2009. Sometimes, once a manga is licensed, Serenus-Dreamers will stop scanlating it, like they did with Black Bird, in order to avoid a "cease-and-desist" order from the licensing company (which could get their site shut down indefinitely). So we may not see any more of Karakuri Odette from them since TokyoPop has licensed it (Vol. 1 is due to be released Oct. 1, 2009). As far as I know, though, Sereneus-Dreamers still has Karakuri Odette listed in their "current" section, so they haven't dropped it _yet_.

    To answer your question about the websites that have free manga to read online:

    Another online veiwing site is mangafox.com, which has some manga that onemanga.com doesn't. Just like onemanga.com, there are ads at the top and bottom of the image.

    Next, there's stoptazmo.com, which has both downloads and online reading capabilities (you must find the manga you want first though, through the alphabetical index). Their veiwer is really nice, clean and large with only one bar-type ad at the top, and you don't have to sign up to use it (like you do to download). Only downside is that since it has a larger image than onemanga & mangafox, it takes 1-2 seconds longer to load on the screen (I use DSL and to me, it's still pretty fast).

    Finally, there's also mangathat.com but it has lots of intrusive advertisments and pop-ups. So unless you don't mind dealing with ads taking up half the screen and having to close all the pop-ups, you may not want to use that one. I only threw this one in the mix in case you didn't like the other two I suggested.

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    Naruto Chapter 18

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