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Which World Series matchup would be a ratings juggernaut and a ratings bust?

For this year:

Dodgers vs. Red Sox (cuz of Manny)

Dodgers vs. Yankees (cuz of Torre and Don Mattingly)

But for any year no matter what:

Dodgers/Mets/Cardinals/Cubs vs. Yankees or Red Sox

For Ratings Bust: Out of all the combinations I have to go with . . .

D-backs/Padres vs. Angels/Mariners

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    Dodgers vs. Yankees

    Mets vs. Yankees

    Dodgers vs. Red Sox

    Yankees vs. Yankees


    anyother MLB team Vs. Anyother MLB team

    let's face it, these are the teams that make baseball what it is today.

    The big market teams, the teams with the highest payroll/revenue/fans.

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    For best ratings Cubs Verse Yankees. Cubs have the largest fan base in the NL and Yankees have the largest fan base.

    For worst ratings Royals Verse Nationals. Both of these teams even if good would not draw many people. The Royals are basically in Cardinal's country and the Nationals have no established fan base and will not get one because there are a ton of teams already on the East Coast.

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    I will say the white sox vs.cubs in the world series would be awesome. The cubs haven't been there in 101 years or so. And if they lose to the sox it would be the end of the world for cubs fans.

    The lamest wold be- the oakland athletics vs. Arizona Diamond backs. I mean that's a super lame world series.

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    Any of the inter-league rivals would be a juggernaut:


    Cubs/White Sox etc

    just about any game involving the Red Sox, Yankees or Dodgers.



    Nationals/Blue Jays


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    Cubs and Red Sox ( this should of been the 2003 World Series )

  • What about Marlins/Pirates vs. Twins/Tigers for a bust.

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    best matchup

    dodgers- yankees

    dodgers- red sox

    cubs- redsox

    worst matchup

    any other team

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    marlins and the dodgers

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    How bout the phillies cause were gonna be in it again!

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    Did you just answer your own question?

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