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Does anyone need a Dressage Show Rider in Dane County, WI?

I'm 12 years old, and ride at training level. I would be interested in showing horses for someone who needs it. Anyone??


i have ridden at 1st level and gotten a score of 67.7

and im not going to ask $100. i ride training with my horse because he is very young and green. and i know what eventing is, im not stupid! ive done it before but im not comfortable eventing someone else's horse in an even thats why i said dressage. so i can ride at first level too.

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    Hey, girl! im 13, and i do eventing (dressage, Cross Country, and Stadium Jumping) I live in KY, but i wanna give you sum advice. you HAVE to get at least 1st level test 2 before you should ride someone else's horse. I say this because no one is going to pay $100+ to a 12yr old to have them compete their horse unless you have gotten at least below a 60.0 on the level above what you are riding. i know, it's sad, but its true. try to ask to borrow the horse you ride in lessons? idk. tell me what works out! email me @

    Source(s): 11 years of riding, 8 years of eventing, 2 years @ prelim level+, And i am competing dressage @ pre st. George on my TB -------------- horsey ?'s at -
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