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Ted Lilly or AJ Burnett?

earlier in the season because of Burnetts slump i dropped him for Ted Lilly. Now that AJ Burnett is showing signs of improvement, should i pick him back up again and drop ted lilly?

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    AJ Burnett is a known second half dominating force.

    Last year with the Blue Jays, he was 10-8 before the All Star break, after that, he went 8-2. He's worth doing it now than Lilly. Plus, Lilly gets little run support.

  • jeter
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    burnett is better and will get better and he just won his last start vs the me ts a shut out i think it was the only problem with him is his known walks that are always givin to the worst guys on the opposing team but he does get the trike outs along with it i would take burnett cause he is better second half and the yankee bats have improved also so they can back him up with their amazing offense

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    AJ Burnett no doubt in my mind has pretty good offense behind him and Chicago Cubs barely score runs take AJ

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