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In Texas, can I get my permit without taking drivers ed? (I need it to get my motorcycle license)?

One of my friends told me that I can go directly to the DPS and request my Learner's Permit-without having to spend 4 weeks at drivers ed..i'm 16 years old

is this possible? The only reason I want my permit is because I want to get my motorcycle license, but I cant take the MSC course without a learner's permit

any help?

and I don't want to take Driver's Ed because

A. I'm not getting a car, so why learn how to drive one?

B. Driver's Ed is $400


Would my parents actually have to teach me before I got my permit?

My parents cant teach me-my mom doesn't drive and my dad is a 77 year old man without the slightest bit of patience

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    Getting your learner's permit does not require driver's ed, nor the teaching from your parents.

    You CAN go directly to DPS to take your test.

    HOWEVER, you may want to consider reading the book or something, because the test is in no way as easy as it seems. There are many detailed facts (such as lengths, fees, and etc.) that you must know. Not to mention after taking a full course of driver's ed, a friend of mine still failed.

    You can only fail the test three times, without having to do all paperwork over again and having to apply with Austin to retake the test. It is a difficult and long process.

    So make sure you know what you're talking about, prior to taking the test!!

    Good luck.

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    If your mom has a license she can teach you. the cost is $20 just like you were told by one of the answers, not $400 like you were putting out. There are other online Texas approved courses for $25 as well. yes you have to attend Drivers Education Course before you can get on the road. Of course you have to be trained before you can get into or onto any vehicle that has the potential to kill you and the people around you. Not wanting to take the Drivers Ed course doesn't really matter, you are REQUIRED to take it to get the ability to ride a motorcycle, and take the motorcycle safety courses.

    Requirements By Age

    Age Take Driver's Education (1) Apply for Learner's Permit (2)Receive In-Car Instruction(3) Practice Driving (4)Take Driving Test*(5) Apply for License (6)

    15 1,2,3,4,5,6

    16 to Younger Than 18 1,2,3,4,5,6

    18 and Older 6

    *You can have the driving test requirement waived if you complete the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions of a Texas driver’s ed course and your instructor allows you skip the test.

    Graduated Driver License Program

    When the state enacted this program for teens, it didn’t change the basic requirements for obtaining a license. Instead it split the requirements for those applicants younger than 18 into two phases. Steps one through four below cover Phase One; Steps four through six cover Phase II.

    If you have not yet turned 18, you must:

    Complete the classroom portion of the driver education requirement. Obtain and hold a valid instruction permit or hardship license for six months if you are at least 15 years old. Complete the laboratory (driving) portion of the driver education requirement. Turn 16 years old to apply for a Class C license (or 17 for a Class A or B license). Obtain and hold a valid provisional license for at least another six months. Obtain a regular (and unrestricted) driver’s license.

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    Check the Texas DMV. Locally in Wisconsin a motorcycle learners permit can be obtained by passing the written rules of road test. Iowa had something similar- a learners permit to learn to ride or drive AFTER the rules of road written test passed. AND it is a 'learners permit' with restrictions, not a 'full license'

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    Then you are looking at the WRONG MSC: whomever told you that was on crack,... but you are trying to shortcut the system: Can't do it man. sorry. The point of taking an MSF approved course is to obtain your license. Your age is the only thing that dictates the graduated license program...All you need to take the actual MSF course is a parents signature (even a 77 YOM can be patient long enough to sign the form) and having the required safety gear on hand. You walk the completion form and any other required documents into the DPS office, take the written test, and walk out with your license. here's the info:

    The MSF course does not cost no $400, they supply the bike, and it ALL OVER TEXAS.... -and worth every penny.

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    You have to either: A) Take driver's ed B) Wait 2 years Take your pick...

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    You can sign up for parent taught drivers ed. Its $20. Go to youre DMV/DPS and ask for parent taught form. Thats what i did.

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