Student applying for credit card?

I've applied for credit cards everywhere.. you name it i applied.

bank of america(my bank) said no.

discover, american, express, and citi all said no.

i'm a full time student so i'm only really working a part time job at best and they all say they give cards to students. but apparently not me.

also there reasons are that i have too much outstanding debt. which would all be in the form of student loans. with are deffered for another 3 years and they all equal less than 10 grand.

whats up with this? anyway i can get around it.

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    1 decade ago
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    You may need to apply for a secured credit card. Some banks issue them, otherwise a well-known secured card that you can apply for online is the Orchard Bank card.

  • 4 years ago

    I would go with a Capital One Credit Card... its what is considered a "starter card". I've had this card since I was 18 (I'm almost 20 now)... and I like this card. Although I made the mistake of using all of the credit on it so now I just pay on the card. However I suggest if you do apply for the card, get the card & activate it is use it for simple purchases like gas or a shirt, etc. Something that you would pay for in cash normally... that way you can buy the gas and send the $30 in that way its back at $0. This is the best way to establish a line of credit because you know that you will always be able to pay on it! I've seen many people build up credit like this! :-) Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    Consider it a blessing and stay away from credit cards. There is no reason for a full time student to have one. Many of your friends that have one are maxed out. There is not much worse than having a maxed out credit card.

    If you're wanting to build credit, all you need to do is graduate and make your student loan payments on time. If you do nothing but that, you have a high credit score.

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    it all depends on the kind of credit card you are applying in this case sounds like you have no credit so applying for a lower end card will help you because these cards approve just about everybody their interest rates and fees are high but they are good just to build credit, use it for about 6 months and then apply for a better one and drop the first one, another way is to apply for a student card these card help students build credit, I know you said you apply for Discover but was it student discover or a regular discover, check out under student cards or bad credit section.

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    One of your problems is that you applied to at least five different banks. Banks can say no simply because you have applied anywhere (there or elsewhere) in the last year. To obtain a yes, you should wait over a year, select one bank that you think might approve you, apply only at that bank. If rejected, you should wait for more than a year before trying at another bank.

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