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When is the United States Military and Law enforcement personnel going to come together to fight the Tyranny?

When all of you took your oath to serve and protect this country, the Constitution, and the people of this Nation against "foreign, and domestic terrorists", I am sure that in your hearts, you meant every word of it.

Our country is under a hostile takeover. That's fact, regardless of how many people want to blindly keep their faith in an administration that is selling us out more and more everyday.

Our rights as American Citizens are being stripped away from us.

Our Sovereignty as a Nation has been given away, sold, and stolen from us.

Our Soldiers are repeatedly being put in harms way, and being poisoned, killed, and stripped of their dignity when they come home by insinuating that veterans are potential terrorists?

Our law enforcement personnel are being pitted against the American People, and visa versa, by the biased mainstream media venues to incite civil unrest. When was the last time any of us heard about all of the good things our law enforcement personnel do for the American people in their day to day lives, and communities? I can't remember the last time I heard anything good. What does that tell you? We are meant to believe that our law enforcement personnel doesn't care about us, and only wants to hurt us. This is not true, so why, as a nation, are we allowing this kind of blatant lying to go on, just so a few rich can get richer, while all of us are potentially going to shed our blood as the civil unrest grows?

Any United States citizen who is against anything that goes against Tyranny in our government, and the New World Orders agenda is considered a low level terroristic threat to the country?

We are in debt to the amount which can never possibly be repaid, and the spending continues to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars?

We are going to be mandated to take vaccines, which have repeatedly been found to contain live viruses which will cause massive genetic, and physical problems, and even death in huge numbers.

The very few in our legislative process who are honestly fighting to keep the constitution, and the rights of the American people in force, are being slandered, put down, laughed at, called crazy, etc. etc.

There is documented fact that many of the decisions, plans, etc. which are being made for Us, the people of this nation, are being made behind too many closed doors, and are being made with people who don't even live in this country, and most importantly who own 95% of the WORLDS WEALTH!

These private meetings constitute treason, yet it seems that no one notices, or cares that our administration has been involved in Treasonous activities, and we can do nothing about it?

The National Health Care System proposal is based on the same idealogy as the Crown's eugenics movement, and policies under their nationalized health care reform. Both of these plans, are from the same template used in Nazi Germany when Hitler pushed his nationalized medical agenda.

The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with OUR Federal Goverment. It is an independant agency comprised of the wealthiest banks, and people throughout the world.(The same people who make up the Bildeberg group, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc. etc.) Recently, the Federal Reserve has gone under the gun for extortion, amongst many other things at the same time HR1207 is gaining momentum to audit this corporation who has repeatedly told the American government that it doesn't have to tell us anything. Yet, our illustrious leader is now pushing to give the Federal Reserve more power over the American People, and our entire business, and financial structure?

There is very little we are being told the truth about anymore. It's only due to the people living through the events, and those who take their time, energy and money trying to keep the public informed as to what is happening all over the nation, that we know anything of any value.

Unemployment is skyrocketing, with more to come once these major bills get passed.

People are losing their homes more and more, and these are not the ones who bought who shouldn't have. These are hardworking, taxpaying Americans who are losing their jobs because our Government has outsourced most of our major manufacturing venues to other "poor" countries?

Our Government is totally out of control, and pushing legislation through as fast as it possibly can so that even our own Representatives cannot keep up with it. The bills that are being introduced, which will only harm the public in the end, are thousands of pages long, with agendas being "slipped" in, just to get them passed. Our legislators are not being allowed to confront these issues head on, and bring them to the American People for discussion. ABC News allowed Obama time to push the health care agenda, yet when our legislators against this massive mistake asked for equal time by ABC to inform the public of all of the pros and cons, they were denied.

We are currently on our way into war, again, with two, possibly three countri


As good as your answer sounds, Michelob, this is not the case at all. I will not begin to defend to you how I feel about this country, or why I am on these boards attempting to help bring the truth to people in the hopes of saving this nation.


(1) a government wherein the RIGHTS and Liberties of the people are violated at will by those in power, and where the people possess no effective remedy to hold the transgressors accountable.

(2) a government in which the common-law of the people either has never existed, or has been replaced with the de facto policies, or the self empowering edicts, of officials that as a matter of course, authorize the violation of human RIGHTS, and, wherein procedural or "legal" ramparts are effectively constructed to prevent the accountability of government ministers, and their puppet judges and agents.

NOTE A: Excessive taxation is categorized as economic slavery and is included within violations of human RIGHTS.

Update 2:

Coco's mom, thank you for being able to understand what I am writing about. Sadly, few and far between do, and that is probably our nations biggest problem.

Update 3:

Elvira, when Bush/Cheney were doing "their thing" to our nation, I did exactly what I am doing now. Using my constitutional rights to educate myself on all issues, base my opinion on facts, and then use my right to speak.

Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, blah, blah, blah..the names have changed, but the AGENDA has not!

Educate yourself!

Update 4:

I understand fully what sedition is. I also understand, fully, what Treason is, and treason, on many different levels has been committed against the people of the United Stated of America. Are you saying then, that once the people of this nation have used all "acceptable,moral, and legal" means of exposing the criminal, treasonous, immoral, and illegal behaviors of those we put in power to protect us, that we are just supposed to accept what happens? If the people we have put into office did what we, the people, have asked them to do in the first place, you and I would not be having this discussion, and these "legal" terms would not be an issue.

Update 5:

Doug B., I also understand completely what you are telling me when you told me to leave the I realize it is a short period of time before those in our nation who truly love our nation, and will stand up for all that is right, and just within our nation, will be transported off to the many FEMA camps in place, and the "re-education" centers, just as it happened in Nazi Germany.

Thank you for your concern in regards to my "welfare".

As far as my leaving? Thank God there are those of us who do love this country enough to stand up for what is right, and to not idly sit by while we are being overtaken, and turned into a country where we can be jailed, or killed for voicing our opinions. The last I knew, the constitution of the United States, is the reason people from all over the world wanted to live here, and is what helped to make this the greatest nation in the world. Now that all of those rights are being stripped away from us, what will be regarded as?

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    An Un-American?? Are you kidding me? Here is a person willing to put their thoughts out there and try to WAKE-UP our lazy *** countrymen who want the government to "take care of them." I am sure you recall the video of that Florida woman crying in disbelief that her man won the election and would buy her gas and pay her mortgage. This posting is so extremely accurate and I honestly hope that people read this and become aware of what is happening in this once wonderful country of ours. We are heading toward a monumental disaster from which our country will most likely not recover. Only then will you far left crazies realize the kool aid you were being fed. WAKE UP NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

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    If the President of the United States(aka The Commander in Chief) gave me an order to do any of the above, I will obey the order of the office to which He is appointed to uphold. In other words, I obey the oath to the office to which I hold, indefinitely even if need be as a last resort the use of deadly force in the defense of domestic or foreign acts that infringe on the constitution of the United States of America and the citizens to which it serves and protects.

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    hmm. and what did you do while bush and cheney railroaded this country into starting a needless war and occupying a country the we can't afford that ultimately caused our bankruptcy and economic disaster that we can't get out of? it's a two way street lovey--take a look in the mirror. that should scare your panties off.

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    US taxes are hardly excessive.

    And what you're advocating is called "sedition" and is a felony. If you hate America that much, I strongly suggest you leave. Now.

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    What you rant against is the very definition of Democracy, not tyranny. What your rant proposes, a military overthrow, is the very definition of tyranny.

    YOU are un-American.

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