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Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in Ontario?

Hey everyone, I am just wondering if it's against the law to not wear a helmet when riding a bike? I was at Canadian Tire and Wal Mart looking at bikes and I saw signs everywhere saying "Don't forget to wear a helmet!". The thing is, I have been riding bikes without a helmet ever since i was 14. None of my friends wore helmets and the cops have never bothered us or me about not wearing a helmet for 8 years now.

I know helmets do equal safety, but they look really weird and i find them uncomfortable. I usually gel my hair and style it in a way that looks good, mostly because I ride my bike to the mall and stuff and i dont want to have helmet head and look like an idiot. Even during when I bike, i see a lot of girls and I obviously want to look good and not have this helmet on my head.

Please people look at what I said and don't just snap at me saying "Wear your helmet, its bad if you dont!", cmon be down to earth and chill. Honestly, how many young people do you see wearing a helmet, and don't lie either. I see so many people that are 14-25, and 80% don't wear helmets.

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    Does wearing a helmet make sense? Of course it does, it improves your chance of avoiding injury if you fall and hit your head. Are you likely to fall? Maybe not, but you can't choose ahead of time which time you will of will not fall or have some other accident. If you don't wish to wear a helmet, you are putting the responsibility of taking care of you if you have a head injury on others, pretty selfish, which is to be expected from someone who is more interested in looking good than in taking care of himself.

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    well the answer to your question is yes, riding a bike in Ontario without a helmet is illegal. its actually illegal to ride a bike without wearing a helmet almost everywhere. I used to live in Ontario and i barely ever saw anybody wearing a helmet while on a bike. But really it depends on you, i think helmets look funny on heads so i don't wear my one even though i know i'm risking my own safety, its all up to you.

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