New sod is turning yellow and has root rot?

We had sod installed 1 month ago and there are large patches of yellow appearing and the ground is muddy. It has been raining most of the month of June where I live and I think the grass is overwatered.

Will the grass return to green after this period of rain has subsided? If not is there anything I can do other than re-sod? How much water does the grass really need?


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  • ralf
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    1 decade ago
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    It is not normal or good for new sod to turn yellow. Yellow is a sign of problems and its usually too much water. It is sometimes a sign that you need fertilizer. If your sod is one month old thats not new, it should have a good root system by now. You need to check the spots where its yellow by grabbing the sod and trying to pull it up. If it does pull up easily and there are no roots grown into the soil you have a problem and those spots may not recover. You mentioned root rot, that is caused by too much water. If those spots have roots and you cannot pull them up then you need fertilizer. A water soluable fertilizer that you connect to a hose works great because you will not have problems with over fertilization. If those spots have no new roots then its tough to say if they will recover after it dries some, only time will tell. If those spots are too far gone then new sod or seed is the only solution. If the company guarantees their work they may replace those spots. The amount of water that new sod needs is dependant on the soil types and weather conditions. You only need to keep it moist and not wet. Thats usually just one good watering per day or every couple of days and sod only really needs an inch or two of water per week. I hope this helps and good luck. Here is a link that may help you.

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    Rain isn't a problem at all in fact you are blessed to have rain as long as the ground is prepared well for drainage.Its common for newly planted sods to turn yellow .Check out whether you got ant burrowing beetles in the ground,excretions on the ground are signs of the rascals,Tread over the grass where the problem has arose..maybe the roots there ain't bound to the soil properly

  • 4 years ago

    Miracle Grow is BAD. It increases the salinity in your soil. However you shouldn't have fertilized it at all. Fertilizer encourages leaf growth. You need ROOT growth. Encouraging leaf growth in a plant trying to set roots can kill it. Don't stop watering. Hopefully the sod will recover.

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