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What is wrong with having the option to choose a government run health care plan?

If the Federal government is so inept then no one will choose them to provide insurance, right? Why then do the private insurance companies and the A.M.A. oppose that option? Democratic and Republican politicians that take money from the health insurance companies regularly are opposed to the plan. Why? Could it be that it is a good option for many Americans and private insurers simply fear losing business and profits in a fair competition with the Feds?

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    In Canada the wait for radiation treatment is three to six months!

    this has forced canadian hospitals to contract with american hospitals to treat canadian patients.

    Canadian hospitals did not uprade to M.R.I. technology until 1999, 15 YEARS AFTER AMERICAN HOSPITALS


    Not to mention the fact that every time France has a heat, wave over 10,000 old people die.

    But wait don't canadians pay less for medication?

    Well yes, but no, the upfront price tag is smaller because the canadian government pays for most of the medication but they pay for it through an almost 50% income tax rate on the average canadian.

    I think my taxes are already high enough, thank you!

    Also, most canadian drug companies are subidiaries of American companies. Who'da thunk it?

    Everyone is a fan of free health-care until they have to wait in line for six months to have a tumor taken out of their head, but when they do, suddenly everybody is a fan of Capitalism. strange,No?

    Besides, can anyone name one single program that the government runs that actually works the way that it was originally supposed to? Without costing billions more than they promised us it would? The answer to both is NO!

    So why does everyone think they'll get it right this time?

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    First of all, direct government competition is unconstitutional. Aside from that little hitch in their plan, there are presently over 1,800 insurance providers competing for our business. What does the government need to step in for? There's only one reason. Control and power over our very lives. Yes, they will provide competition, but it will be completely unfair and they will force the other companies out of business. Ooops, there goes another 100,000 jobs! Once they accomplish that, there will be only a single payer for all doctor and medical bills -- the government. In order to enforce this, it will be illegal for doctors to accept direct payment from anyone but the government. In other words if you have a doctor treat you, and you pay him, you both could go to prison. And guess what that means? That means that the government will be deciding what medical care you get or don't get depending on what some bureaucrats in DC decide.

    Now if that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Recently in the news was the case of a woman in Oregon (which has a similar plan to the one Obama wants to ram down our throats) elderly woman

    was diagnosed with cancer. When her children applied for chemotherapy and whatever else was needed, they were denied on the grounds that their mother was too old, but that they would be glad to provide funds for her to be euthanized). You can't make this stuff up. Look up Oregon's health care plan. The upshot is, they went to another state, got the treatment and their mother is 5 years with no cancer.

    This is the nightmare created by government control of our health care.

    Still not convinced? Think about the loss in pay to doctors and other specialists. How many of them do you think will stick around under those conditions? How many young bright students will even consider a career in medicine? Now we'll get the mediocre and incompetent who will flood the ranks of medical care. Nice picture of our future isn't it?

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    There are really two simple answers to your question: This first being that this so called "competition" creates the rules, raises capital through tax payer funds, and answers to no one. This situation is much like a monopoly. The big firm with vast resources moves into a city, creates artificially low prices to drive out the competition and then when all the competition is gone can do whatever they want with quality, price, service etc. Yes initially the government can offer lower prices, but once all the other insurance players are out of the game due to artificially low prices then hello government run health care, what a nightmare that is.

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    It is a bad idea----

    The government couldn't fix the problem of Social Security and Medicare not being sustainable. They didn't fix the problem they just came up with an idea for a bigger, harder to manage program. The ultimate aim of people pushing program this is to have a National Healthcare system.

    People need to wake up in this country! Stop thinking that giving politicians more power over your personal choices and liberties is a good idea.

    A better idea would be to let individuals pay for health care of their own choice with pre-tax dollars. This is what they allow corporations to do now.

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    Most places with social health care get basic low end health care since it's cheap and there's not much money put into it. You're not going to get a specialists or be able to select whatever doctor or hospital you want. So it's not some magic dream come true. Is it better than nothing, sure. Until the cheap government doctor leaves a sponge in you or you catch HIV or the Herps from your visit to low income general hospital. I eat healthy, work out, and avoid 95% of the drugs and alcohol out there. I haven't needed a doctor to see me in 5 years and I'm doing fine.

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    B.O. says we can keep our present insurance if we want. However, the government plan will cost somewhat less than private insurance, thus the private insurance companies will lose many, many insurees. As a result, down the road, they will "close shop", thus meaning a loss of more jobs in the insurance industry. Do you know how many that could involve? 500,000 or more jobs lost because the government wants to rule everything! I'm sorry guys, I'm not for that at all. What is this power play anyway? There is more to the entire picture than B.O. and his cohorts want us to know about. His plan, plain and simple, stinks! I don't want any part of it. Do you?

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    Because they are going to tax my private good health care plan to pay for it, so they are in effect removing the competition by making private insurance plans affordable to only the rich. When they have everyone on government care, they will then control the population completely.

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    I think it is true that many private insurers are apprehensive about losing some amount of business.

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    The government is getting way to big and controlling- now they are telling us how much energy we can use, where to get our insurance, - I mean what is next- the Constitution said limited the power of federal government?

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    More options should be better right?

    Isn't that what republicans are supposed to be about?

    Well, once again, the republicans refuse to practice what they preach. They want to limit our options by not allowing us the opportunity to choose a government run plan.

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