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Caught masterbating by mom.?

The other night i got caught masterbating by my mom with porn on my computer screen. She started yelling at me and saying none of the boys my age do that(PS im 13). Now she takes my computer away at night and doesnt trust me but i do it about 2 times a day. Has anybodys mom ever spazzed out on someone like that and how can i get my computer back at nights?

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    How does she know that none of your friends do the same thing? She's saying that to compare you with 'normal' people, well masturbation with Porn IS normal, just not on a regular basis. Tell your Mum that you are entitled to your own privacy but you won't do it again. Do it when she's not in the house if she's going to walk in without knocking.

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    Just tell your mother that it is normal for a boy going into puberty and that you will grow out of it. To get your computer back, let your mom know that if she feels she does not trust you, then she can check up on you when you're on it. To lower the risk of her catching you maybe you should lay off on the masterbating?

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    You should have been more private. And Not been porning. that s what she is upset over. 13 year old should not be looking at anything other than playboy,,,Do you know what the experts say about becoming addicted to porn at a young age? It is not good.

    Grabyour skateboard or hit the pool. Wear your youngself OUT

  • Tell your mom that its a natural thing. Your growing up and you know better than to have sex with girls at 13 and so masterbaiting is the best way to pleasure yourself with out getting a girl pregnant!

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    thtats rough iv never been caught im 14 n started at your age its normal and by the way if you do it twice a day you will get premature ejaculations meaning u **** twice a day for a wekk then next time you go to do it you will come before you even start

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