the music video for the the song "Beast and Harlot" by Avenged Sevenfold, i don't get it...?

in the video for this it shows the girl in the red and her sould or something gets sucked out. then later they pick the blonde girl and she signs the contract and she turns all black, the same black that the girl int he red got sucked out of her... heres the video off of youtube.

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\please check it out and tell me what is going on in the video... thanks!

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    I actually listened to the band explain what everything means in a video on youtube several months ago, and I'd send the link but I can't find it now...

    The girl in the red symbolizes the "Harlot" of the story, which comes out of Revelations in the Bible. The black symbolizes the corruption of the story. The Harlot goes around spreading corruption to those she can lead into temptation. The band plays along in the story line by providing the people for her to lead into the temptation. The girl who signs the contract turns black when she allows the corruption to take her soul from her, because she basically just signed it away. The second person that turns black, the little boy, is corrupted by watching the harlot dancing and looses his moral soul as well. In the end however the harlot finally gets what she has been doing to others. The deathbat card, which the lead singer hands to her, is a way to seal the deal. She's done things to other to lead them into corruption and losing their soul and because of this the Deathbat's wings come down and touch her fingers to corrupt her and take her soul from her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say that the black represents temptation and sin and all that jazz.

    I think the story can be followed from there - the lady in red (who I wanna say is supposed to be the devil but that seems too painstakingly obvious) tempts people into doing bad things to her. But at the end, she's given the option for more power (maybe; I think that's what the card with the skull represented - A7X supplies the power, I guess) and is then turned into black (or stone?) for temptation.

    There are probably some specifics on what parts of the video mean, which would make sense to people who know the Bible like that.

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