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Protests in Venezuela against Chavez, people are watching the protests in Iran on CNN, fairness doctrune!?

U.S. based CNN broadcasts all over the world and people in Venezuela are watching the protests in Iran and that's giving them the idea to protest against President Chavez.

That's why the U.S. needs the Fairness Doctrine passed into law, not just for extreme right-wing Fox News and talk radio, but for also every media including CNN


Anti Censorship? NO, I want world peace at any cost! yes, I lean toward the left and to make it fair we censor both liberal and consersitive news.

the news media cannot be allowed to control world polilical opinion

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    So you want our politically one sided government to have to power to say what can and what cannot be shown? Thats just asking for trouble, see FAIR is a very very relative concept depending who you're asking.

    For example, if you ask a person on the left if the news media is biased to the left or right obviously that guy is gonna say its biased to the right and vice versa. So if you give the government which lets face it has always been one sided depending who won the election the power to regulate the media then who do you think they are gonna deem unfair? The opposition or the supporters?

    Things like the Fairness Doctrine are only good on paper, in effect though its gonna be a whole different story.

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    ok let me get this straight the new lib cause celebre in Iran has caused collateral damage because Chavez who ironically rigged his last election is getting heat again lol The left flip flops so much i have no idea what they are thinking like they want to "Free Tibet" and "Free Darfur" yet freeing Iraq was the worse war crime ever? The fairness doctrine has nothing to do with these news stories, its the lefts split personality.

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    Possible protests in Venezuela are all orchestrated by the upper classes who want the half Indian Chavez back in his cage.

    US business, as usual, has tried to completely dominate an entire country. They had their revolution. deal with it.

    And IDK what Fairness Doctrine is, but it sure doesn't prevent foKKKs from being a even more extreme anti-people rightwing thing.

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    All the world over, so easy to see

    People everywhere just wanna be free

    Listen, please listen, that's the way it should be

    Peace in the valley, people got to be free

    You should see, what a lovely, lovely world this would be

    If everyone learned to live together

    It seems to me such an easy, easy thing this would be

    Why can't you and me learn to love one another

    All the world over, so easy to see

    People everywhere just wanna be free

    I can't understand it, so simple to me

    People everywhere just got to be free

    Ah, ah, yeah . . . ah, ah, yeah

    If there's a man who is down and needs a helping hand

    All it takes is you to understand and to see him through

    Seems to me, we got to solve it individually

    And I'll do unto you what you do to me

    There'll be shoutin' from the mountains on out to sea

    (out to the sea)

    No two ways about it, people have to be free

    (they got to be free)

    Ask me my opinion, my opinion will be


    It's a natural situation for a man to be free

    Oh, what a feelin's just come over me

    Enough to move a mountain, make a blind man see

    Everybody's dancin', come on, let's go see

    Peace in the valley, now they want to be free

    From the archives of

    Young Rascals

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    wow!! at least you admit to being a fascist. Getting rid of the right to free speech so we pursue a fairytale dream like world peace, sounds like another government scam.

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