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a police call me said he got me on vid for shoplifting and he gonna come up and talk to me soon ask me to stay home that day

and he said this is not my first time but he got one time on vid

i dun have any of the stuff he said at home

is vid can be prove at count ? wat should i say ?


but he know my address phone numbers and he said if i m not home he gonna go to my husband's work but i call back the number no one answer

Update 2:

thank you a7day6night i did wat u said call the police station to file the concerned and they dun seem like they think theres any problem just keep telling me some excuses such as if he know your name he might be the police

Update 3:

police will work outside the station and ask you to wait at home just a normal thing coz even if u ask ppl out u give a date right ( theres wat he said)

Update 4:

his tone is like i m the criminal that if i m not home he might just catch me in some other place that he know

Update 5:

i also ask him wat if theres no one come by that day everything just a big joke where should i turn to and he didn't even give me answer coz he dun think is possible just ask me to try to contact the person

Update 6:

he police r not helping

he said the date the got me on vid was end of may but hello i dun even remember thing that i did 2 weeks ago

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    Reading from your case, I detected a suspicious of crime from the so called police. If that is the case, the court and what you should say is un-necessary.

    A real police will not ask you to stay home on a particular day and request to enter your permisses on a particular day for questioning, nor they can restrict or ask any person to stay in a particular place on a particular day. All questioning are done in a police station not in a private permisses. Before a police officer will enter a permisses, he must show his/her warrant card (委任證) before he can enter your permisses.

    The police will not use their mobile phone to call suspect or using a number that is outside the police station to call their suspect.

    You should ask for his/her warrant number, he/she has duty to tell you this.

    Your phone number or address can be possiblely obtained from some kind of sources(whether the sources were a legal or illegal one or not is unknown.) such as the bank or from applying for membership in a company or group etc, however, you should call the police immediately on being threaten and tell them that you believe there were somebody trying to impersonate the police.

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    "permisses" is wrong spelling, premises is correct.

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    >>his tone is like i m the criminal that if i m not home he might just catch me in some other place that he know

    The real police just did not care. But the video thing just as Mr. Peterchan said, it is a trap.

    And the reason the real police do that is because they only act when there is a crime.

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    You probably will needed to deal with the fake police, it might be best if you can ask more people around, for example your husband and friends or neighbour,

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    but, just be clam when he really show up, try to ask him about the warrant card and the police warrant number. If he cannot provide or show suspicious of any kind, he is definately a fake.

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    And the reason we belive he is a fake is that, if the video thing is really, you won't be sitting here replying or reading my message now, just think, will the police warn a suspect that "I am coming to catch you on xxx day, please wait there on that day"?

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    You can also consider threaten the fake police you had called the real police and they are coming.

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    totally agree with mr. a7day!!

    the police will always leave you a police station number and possibly his mobile so you should not have a number that is not answered.

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    besides real police will ask you to go down to the station to assist in the investigation instead of asking you to stay home and wait for him.

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    you should report that to the police and do not under any circumstances let anyone into your home without prior checking. demand to see his police id and call the police to verify that they have such a colleague.

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    by the way, you should know for sure whether you have stolen anything.....

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    think about it, if you DID steal something, would you have been so dumb to leave your address and phone numbers? also, how could he id you simply by looking at the video? obviously it's a trick...

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    beware of fake guys, better call real police for help.

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