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Hair trouble? Best answer gets 10pts?

I need your help.My hair is becoming rough day by day.And I always wished for a silky hair.I don't know what to do.What shampoo should I apply that would make my hair silky again.And my hair started getting rough after I started using straightener.What should I do to make my hair silky.I try so hard to make it better but its no use.So I thought to ask from you experts.I guess I can only dream about it.

Thanks for reading my boring problem.It's just I see my cousins and friends and wished my hair were pretty as well.I really am looking forward for your answers.

Thanks in advance.

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    well ik you prly don't wanna hear this advice from a guy but ik for one over straightening will fry your hair so be careful not to do that. 2nd you should use a deep conditioner and moisturizing shampoo. also there are supplements that can be taken that should help you have a healthy head of hair. If just that doesn't work you can also try hot oil treatments which, i'm not sure, but might cost a bit. You could also try putting lemon juice in your hair. leave it in for about 20 minutes, then rinse it out. Hopefully at least some of these things helped

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    Make sure you are brushing your hair enough each day. This can help massage and soothe the scalp so that you have nicer hair growing in. Results from this happen much sooner than you think.

    If you HAVE to straighten, try using a heat protectant spray beforehand, and a very small amount of serum afterwards. A nice serum can seem expensive (at least more than shampoo), but you use maybe a pea sized amount and totally cover your hair.

    Once or twice every two weeks, use an intensive deep conditioner. A trick I've learned is to drench your hair in it, wrap a plastic bag around your head, and sleep in it. The head from your head will help absorb the hair, and the plastic bag helps to trap the heat in (and keep conditioner from soaking your bed!)

    Avoid using too much conditioner, because dandruff is grosser than dry hair. :)

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    dove works well for dry and rough hair, it makes it soft, and silky with more shine. straighteners damage your hair when you use them everyday, i would get straightener spray. try to not use the straightener for about 5-7 days, and just use moose after your shower and blow dry it. brush it as often as you can. this is really all you can do, and it works. i had the same problem until i used dove shampoo & did without my straightener for a while. it should give you the results you want and great hair. good luck, hope this is all you were looking for. :)

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    Are you using a heat protectant? Oh and skip the mousse. Biolage has a great shiner that smells awesome, BUT I just started using Redken products and absolutely love them. Redken Extreme Iron Repair, ought to do the trick for you. It will get a little pricey but the shampoo, conditioner then follow up with the Iron repair. You will love it, at least I do.

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    my hair was the same way go to best cuts and ask them for the hair straighner spary it is in a tall gray spray bottle best stuff i have ever used and fruchese hair products at wal-mart have a leave in condition i use it every time i get out of the shower and just leave it in even blow dry your hair after and straighten it after if you want but make sure u use that stuff from best cuts and rite now my hair is buitiful and soft again the 2 products i live by any questions email me

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    don't keep straightening hair it causes split ens

    try using any brand of leave-in conditioner or use aussie shampoo

    or evanescence

    but for a natural way, put oil in your hair to make it mosturized and wash it with any shampoo (preferrably pantene)

    or just use serum but it's a pretty strong chemical though

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    When you wash your hair, use conditioner, and shampoo, and make sure it is the one that helps split ends. Don't straighten your hair, or use hair spray, it tears and makes your hair brittle, and rough. Use hair repairing conditioner, it helps a lot.

    Hope this helps!

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    some good shampoo is pantene and there conditioner is really good and when you straighten your hair you some chi spray you can but it anywhere and it will help not dry your hair out and make it look so rough but when useing it dont put alot!

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    i would try dove and for the straightner part you can buy tresseme heat protectant and spray it on your hair before you straighten it.good luck ! (:

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