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What kind of bike should I get... female, 5'4, heavy weight.?

I am going to school in Boston in the fall, and I want a bike. I'm a girl, I'm about 5'4, but I'm pretty heavy. I like the look of vintage bikes, and I have no clue where to begin. Can anyone help me out? I don't want to spend a lot, like $300 and under.

Also, can anyone tell me anything about electra bikes? They look pretty expensive, but aesthetically it's just what I'm looking for! they don't list the prices on the websites. (I'm guessing $500-$1000?) https://www.electrabike.com/home.php


I wasn't really planning on useing it for distance transportation all over the city- I can take the bus and train- but my campus is really spread out and I have classes all over the place, so I want a faster way to get from place to place.

A lot of great info! Thanks!

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    your weight shouldn't be much of an issue for the bicycle.

    as a beginner, you should check out http://sheldonbrown.com/beginners/index.html with special attention paid to the "pain" section.

    as far as aesthetics go, i can't change your mind. if you're set on what you think is a "cute" and "comfortable" bike, then you've made up your mind.

    however, the reality is that different bicycles fulfill different needs.

    a "racing" bike, one made of aluminum, carbon, or titanium, is light and keeps the rider in a position which helps to distribute the weight, keep and aerodynamic position, and focus as much of the riders energy into the driving of the bike. this means the weight is evenly distributed among the seat, handlebars, and pedals.

    if you move the handlebars up, the pedals forward, and the saddle down, then you would have the position you see in the electra bikes. your butt and lower back will take most of your weight, and the pedals, only a little. your hands, arms, and torso can offer no support.

    while you might feel comforted by the ability to put your feet on the ground while seated on the saddle, this is not what you should be looking for in a bicycle that you <i>ride</a>, this is a bike built for shuffling along and riding for no more than 2 miles at a time.

    my suggestion for a bicycle is to learn more about an efficient bicycle, one that you will enjoy riding more than you will enjoy just looking at. visit several local bike shops, and ask with an open mind, what type of bicycle you should get. sales people will sell you and tell you what you want to hear if you approach them with an electra or cruiser in mind, so beware.

    once you have an idea as to what type of bike will actually suit your needs, then you can proceed to shop around, using resources like craigslist, ebay, and any local community run bike shops (i think there's a bike kitchen in boston?)

    there you can find quality bikes at affordable prices. seriously, don't start out with something that you only think is pretty.

    also, read that link i sent you! squishing a saddle with your thumb does not provide you with any info other than how it feels to your thumb!

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    Yes electras are expensive for what you get. When i sold them they had some model's starting out around 350.

    Honestly there are too many options to mention. Boston has alot of very quick and steep hills which will make you hate that cruiser (Most kids i know in Boston ride fixed though). Your best bet is to go down to a bike shop and chat with them.

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    Electric bikes are slow and heavy and hard to ride when not in power assist. I wouldn't advise one unless you have really steep hills and you don't want to get all sweaty on your ride to and from

    You might want to consider a recumbent as well http://www.recumbentbicyclesource.com/recumbent-bi...

    They are fun to ride and you sit upright and you can get them with nice comfortable seats.

    For $300 you'll want to look at quality used bikes. New bikes in that range usually have poor component groups.

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    Electra bikes are expensive for what you get. You could go their web site and search for a dealer location. There are other manufactures that make cruisers for much less.




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