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Can I get some feedback on a fantasy baseball trade?

I traded:

Chase Utley

Jason Werth

Adam Jones

Ryan Dempster

David Price

Leo Nunez

I got:

Brian Roberts

Bobby Abreu

Felix Hernandez

Matt Cain

Andrew Bailey

This is a Roto league and I already start Ichiro, Bay, and Dye in the OF.

Any thoughts?

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    I don't like this trade, now half of your team is gone and you have half of someone else's. I would stick to either one for one trades or two for two. GL

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    I like that you got Cain and Felix, who are big upgrades over Dempster and Price. Brian Roberts is very underrated. I just think you gave up a bit too much. Utley, Werth and Jones are more valuable than what you received. Your OF is very good, I just would have tried to get more.

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    i think in the end it balances out because dempster and price are inconsisten and cain is one of the top pitchers now. plus defenitely rather have bailey than nunez. yeah you lost a lot of offensive production but you made up for it in pitching. but i wouldnt have done the trade if i were you. i wouldnt trade utley for roberts and abreu combined. i would rather wait it out and take the risk with price and dempster. and if jones and werth turn it around, then it definitely will be a bad trade for you

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    First off your first exchange used to be a well one, sure I agree Hunter will cool off or get injured so well exchange to get Lee. On your subsequent skills deal for A. Rod, I might pull the cause in this deal for the reason that undoubtedly you set A. Rod at 3rd for wright, transfer lee from software to Outfield and plug within the scorching Delgado at software till he cools off or move with Bonds if he heats up. I like your workforce it's very similar to my type and avid gamers I might select to win a championship. Good process!!!!! By the way in which what situation are you in?

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    I dont know why you would trade utley for any of those guys but besides that it seems reasonable

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