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Why do people hate Kobe Bryant?

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    Jamar said it best.

    People hate Lebron James,Dwight Howard,Vince Carter,Shaquille O'Neal.

    Its not all about Kobe.

    Some people are jealous and just haters.

    As for me I dislike him somewhat because of the way he carries himself with his arrogance. I cant stand when he whines about every call that goes against him. Also him wanting to be the guy and getting Shaq traded.

    I dont hate him but those are some reasons I and some others dont like him

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    Envy, jealously. Kobe is a winner. A leader with incredible work ethic.

    Vin, If you hate Kobe because of Adultry, how do you feel about these players?

    1 or 2 illegitimate children - Stephon Marbury, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Latrell Sprewell, Juwan Howard, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, B Urlacher (NFL), Darren McFadden (NFL), Randy Johnson (MLB), Chipper Jones (MLB), Boris Becker (Tennis)

    3 - 5 Illegitimate kids - Larry Johnson 5 kids by 4 women, Charles Rogers 5, Greg Minor 3, Karl Malone 3 all in college(2 are pro athletes now, including Demetrius Bell, of the NFL)

    Shawn Kemp 7 by 6 women, Jason Caffey 8 by 7 women, Willie Anderson 9, Calvin Murphy 14 by 9 women, Rickey Williams (NFL) 3, Priest Holmes (NFL) 3, Michael Vick (NFL) 3, Willis McGahee (NFL) 3 in 2 years, Ray Lewis (NFL) 6 by 4 women, Marshall Faulk (NFL) 6 by 3 women, Travis Henry (NFL) 11 by 10 women, Evander Holyfield (Boxing) 9,

    And from back in the day Steve Garvey, 2 by 2 women, Julius Erving 2 by 2 women, Isiah Thomas 1, Jim Palmer 1, Daryll Strawberry 1, Pete Rose 1, Bjorn Borg 1, Tug McGraw 3 children, 1illegitimate - who happens to be country singer Tim McGraw.

    Many of these guys have been jailed for not making child support payments, ie Jason Caffey (twice) has a 15 year old son he hasn't seen since he was 3. Made 28 million dollars in the NBA and can't make child support, Travis Henry........jailed in Florida for not keeping up on child support, 11 kids = $16,000 in child support per month.................

    Magic Johnson, met his wife Cookie in college, Contracted HIV 12 years later? HMMM

    What was it KOBE did, Adultery? Seems kinda mild compared to a bunch of fatherless children!

    Professional athletes are regular people, not gods. They trip and fall just like everybody else. They all have their short comings, just like everybody else. They all have women hanging on them on road trips in Hotels and night clubs. A lot of Heavy temptation to deal with. For some reason Pro Basketball players have to deal with this more then any other professional athlete, acording to an ESPN special a few years ago.

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    because people are haters and there just jelous that there satr player doesn't have a good team and 4 championships like the Cav and celtic fans. I know a lot of Kobe haters. It gets annoying.

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    Because Kobe Bryant is the most dominant force in the history of the NBA. They are Jealous that he is winning championships and awards for his greatness.

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    All i can think of is his arrogance. It gets annoying after a while. But otherwise no one should be hatin on KB24.

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    Cuz he da best. When u at the top u get hated on

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    Because he's good. All good players have lots of haters.

  • Jealousy?

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    Why do ppl hate Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul. its not all about your boyfriend Kobe.

    PPL hate because they want what that person has or they are just mad because their fav player is not better than the player they hate. I dont like him sometimes cause he gets credit dat he dont deserve.

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