Retainers for lip and nose piercings?

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Hi. I am starting a new job next week and company guidelines state that no visible piercings are allowed. I have got a lip ring, a nose ring and a nose stud (both on the same side of my nose). My questions:

1) I don't know the g of my piercings and unfortunately can't go back to the original piercer to find out. I know that if I get a retainer smaller then eventually the hole will shrink. However, I will only be wearing the retainer for up to 10 hours a day. Can I assume that this isn't enough time for the holes to shrink?

2) For the ring piercings, is it necessary for me to get a curved retainer or will a straight one be OK? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've never actually looked at retainers let alone worn one, so I don't know.

To make this easier to answer, my nose piercings were both done over two years ago and my lip piercing was done about 7-8 months ago. All of them healed within a week or two (well, healed as in no more gunk was coming out of them) and I have no allergies to non-metallic substances.

Thank you very much!

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    i'm lucky enough to be able to take out my piercings for long periods of time without having them even coming close to closing up.

    but, it you don't want to test that and see if your piercings will stay open without retainers (i know noses close up quickly, and i have my lip pierced and it stays open) here are the answers to your questions.

    1. to find out the gauge, simply take a piece of your jewelry to a piercing shop, or anywhere that sells body jewelry/retainers (even if you're buying online, there has to be a local piercer around you somewhere) and a professional can tell you what gauges you are wearing. or you can simply compare your jewelry with some at a hot topic/spencer's store. but to be sure, find a professional. (honestly i could probably tell you what gauge your piercings are by just looking at your jewelry). if you find the gauge you're wearing, you won't need to worry about the hole shrinking.

    2. you can get any kind of retainer.. i would recommend a post (straight) one because they are less noticeable and your boss/customers won't have to look at a clear ring in your face.

    any other questions, let me know, i'll try to help.

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  • Rita
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    1. go to the piercer and find out what gauge you were pierced with fpr nose its normally 18 and lip is normally 14.

    2. for ring piercings its perfectly fine to wear a straight retainer .

    and for nose piercings if you wear a retainer no one can see it.( i have my nose pierced and ive had to wear retainers before)

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