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MLS expansion ??? st.louis?

of all the cities who are candidates shouldnt st.louis be one of the tops to get a team. For the last 60 years a st.louis region team has been in the championship state game in all three districts.. There are many select soccer teams, and a usl team. Along with being a great highschool and select soccer city it has some great soccer colleges as well. ex washington university and st.louis university. Many ppl say they shouldnt because its not a warm city, its a very hot city in the summer with temperatures ranging into the hundreds and heat index way beyound.

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    With MLS Expansion, I don't think St. Louis is ready until after 2012 season. MLS has stressed 3 main things when it comes to granting a city a franchsie

    1) SSS(Soccer Specific Stadium)

    2) I/O(Investor/Owner)

    3) Good market

    By the looks of it, St. Louis clearly only has the last requirement met.

    Future expansion has already been set:

    2010 - Philadelphia Union

    2011 - Vancouver Whitecaps (from USL)

    2011 - Portland Timbers (from USL)

    The MLS already has 18 teams after these 3 expansion teams come in and the magic number that MLS is suppossedly going to cap the league at is 20. After 2011 you also have strong bids from Montreal(The Impact), and there's also a strong push for a 2nd MLS team. St. Louis might lose out.

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    No way Nebraska would ever get a major sports team. A SOCCER team nonetheless. All the ignorant hicks and cornhuskers can barely understand football, putting money into a Nebraska team would be essentially the same as flushing away millions, then borrowing more and doing the same. I think a good suggestion would be St. Louis, possibly another Ohio team, and seriously why is there not a single Florida team? Not to be discriminatory, but surely the have enough Hispanics to get a good fan base. Plus the youth system in Florida is very good state wide. EDIT: I agree about Nebraska, i was just with my friend who is a Nebraska fan and i like giving him a hard time... i agree that if the ratings could transfer over it would be phenomenal, but i don't think you can convince that many die hard football fans to watch soccer. But that's my opinion, and i have never been to Nebraska anyway so I'm just going on what people have said about it.

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    are there a lot of puerto ricans in st louis?

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