Please help. Worst Toothache ever?!?

First off Do not tell me to go to the dentist. I have no Job...

I can not afford a dentist..or insurance..and so far there is no free health clinic....I already know I need a root canal. I did go to the dentist a month or so ago..they did x-rays and cleaning and that costed 300 or so. which I borrowed from my mother..

well it was fine after awhile..than it got really bad one day I drank a can of I am off ALL sugar..the only thing I drink is water or flavored carbonated water...because if I get sugar anywhere near me I am in pain.

I am running out of cheap vicodin..the dentist prescribed..and there is no refill...I still have the antibiotics though.

I have started brushing my teeth sometimes three times a day. I can't use listerine either or anything with alcohol in aggravates the tooth.

but this night takes the cake...I took two ibuprofen at ten because it was I went and laid up stairs for a few..that was fine..than it started going away..well after watching then end of a movie with my boyfriend I got ready for bed..and laid down at 12:30

2 minutes mouth is in so much pain..I have to sit up..and it seems to I get up to take two more ibuprofen..I lay back down with the heat pad..same around 4:30am I took half of a vicodin..that always seemed to do the trick.

but not this's now 6:40am and I have barely slept 15 minuets.

I am losing my mind..

don't bother telling me I need to go to the dentist..I know..



How about taking a hammer and smashing the tooth out.

right now it seems to be my only option

Update 2:

I will try calling that number..and see what can be done..other wise I just ffound this clinic for uninsured people..they arn't open till monday thought..

it says they do SOME dental service..hopefully rootcanal is one of them

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    Call 1-800-Dentist. You DO need to go to the dentist OR to a hospital that has a dental department (like at UCLA). You need to find a dentist that will take you without insurance.

    Exposed nerves and tooth damage such as that are most important. Bacteria from a damaged tooth can travel into your bloodstream and eventually lead into your heart, causing heart problems and, eventually, death.

    If you have ever watched the vampire show, "Angel", you will remember Actor Andy Hallett, who played the demon named Lorne. While wrapping up the series, Mr. Hallett suffered from a severe toothache and didn't treat it in a timely manner. The bacteria traveled to his heart, and he suffered heart problems and illness because of that until he eventually died earlier this year.

    In addition, my sister had the same problem, only her tooth was falling apart out of her mouth in pieces -- exposing the nerves. I've never seen anyone in so much pain in my LIFE!! She's much stronger than I am, and she was screaming!! I drove her straight away to the hospital, spent hours online and on the phone finding dentists who would take her (no insurance). I eventually found one that would take her and they accepted monthly payments.

    If you need to go to a dentist just to do an extraction, or if you want to save the tooth and do a root canal, then do it. Find a dentist that will accept payments. Call that number mentioned above or check out the website (same name -- or check out your local hospitals (including county) for dental departments. Ask your mom and boyfriend for the money for this. Call up social services or your local county health department for help. This is a very serious situation.

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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    Toothaches are the worst, I feel so sorry for you..I just had a tooth extracted yesterday and the pain is gone. You could try oragel, cloves, chewing on garlic or rubbing some liquor on the tooth and gum. Do not put heat on it because if its infected that will only breed the infection more, use ice 10 min on 10 min off.Maybe you should take the antibiotics, infections in your teeth can go to your heart and that's no laughing matter. If the tooth is on the back maybe you should just get it extracted. I know you said you don't have any money but extractions are a whole lot cheaper than a root canal. Or maybe you could call around and ask to be put on a payment plan, some dentists do this especially if its a real life threatening emergency..Good luck

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    Well, I drank a toothache to death once with straight bourbon...swallowing half and swishing the other half around in my mouth. You say you can't use anything with alcohol in it, but have you tried straight liquor? I did this because I was away on a vacation in an area where no dentist was accessible. I did see a dentist when I came home and had a root canal. The pain, however, never came back. Good luck to you. Nothing worse than a bad toothache.

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    If you don't go to the dentist you will die.

    You have an infection and infections kill, especially when the decay is so serious that you are struggling to cope without painkillers. You need to go it's your only option.

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    Try oragel it always helps. If that does not help. See a dentist right away.

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    vanilla extract on the gums surrounding the tooth that hurts. takes the pain away. just use a q-tip to apply. old remedy but it will help i promise

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    If you can't get to the dentist than there isn't much anyone can do for you.

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