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Tips for living alone for the first time?

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I'm 18, and this year I'm moving from Florida to Massachusetts to live alone, my entire family will stay in Florida, and I'd like to know what are some important things I ...show more
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  • BBG answered 6 years ago
Never put anything on the stove except pots/pans. (No hot pads, oven mitts, dish towels, pasta boxes, etc.)

Keep your doors locked even when you're home.

Purchase renter's insurance so that your things are replaced if you get robbed/flooded/burned down.

Do try to cook a bit before you leave home. It is much healthier and less expensive than eating fast food, convenience food, etc. Also, make sure you understand basic nutrition (how much lean protein, fruit/veggies, complex grains you should aim to eat every day and how much fat and sodium is too much). It doesn't really matter what you eat on any couple days here and there, but over time it makes a huge difference.

Don't use credit cards. Make a monthly budget and stick to it. Write down your expenses and your income and figure out how much you'll have leftover for stuff like movies, eating out, espresso, clothes, music, etc. Remember, if you can't afford to pay for it NOW, you can't afford it. The ONLY thing you should buy on time is a home and an education.

Have a plan for dealing with stress and/or homesickness. Some people find exercise helps with stress. You might want to set up a weekly "phone date" with a few members of your family or friends so that you can talk to someone familiar every day or two especially at the beginning. That way someone will know if something has happened to you because you didn't "check in" as well.

Join a club or hobby or sign up for a fun class when you get there - it's a great way to meet people with similar interests.

Don't invite people to your home until you know them reasonably well - especially those who may have romantic interest.

Keep a list of all your credit/debit card accounts and phone numbers hidden somewhere in case you lose one or your wallet gets stolen and you have to cancel them.

Same thing with phone numbers. Keep a hard copy at home in case you lose your phone.

Have more than one way to access your money in case a debit card magnetic strip goes bad and you have to wait for another card. It can be helpful to bank locally for this reason.

Boy...there's so many things! But don't worry. We all learned through trial and error and you will too. It will be a great adventure - just THINK or call home and ask for advice if you have any doubt about what to do in any given situation.

Have fun!
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  • Los Ojos answered 6 years ago
    Wow you need to learn to cook more that just eggs on toast. Because eggs on toast is ok for a short period but then eventually you have got to have a real home cooked proper meal.

    You need to be able to wash & iron your clothes too.

    Make sure you know how to lock your windows, this may sound stupid but I spent a year in a one room bed sit when I first left home and didn't think I could lock the windows because I had never seen windows like this before. Somehow I remained safe even with my windows unlocked. I was from a small town where we didn't even lock the door so I didn't think much of it.

    I think it is better if you can share with others, it is safer and you won't be so lonely and there is always someone around for advice.

    The only other thing that is difficult is budgeting.
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  • Count Duckula answered 6 years ago
    i moved out a year ago at 18 and i was so clueless! here's a couple tips to avoid some of the mistakes i made


    have a debit card, but no credit cards. if you must have one, put £10 on it and leave it in a drawer. it'll help your credit rating immensely, and that's something you really want. you don't want to get into credit card debt at such a young age.

    make a weekly AND monthly budget, and stick to it as much as you can. include a "treats" section, for unplanned occasional nights out, or that new top you really really want. be real about it, and if it doesn't work, change it.

    try to set up a separate account for savings that doesn't have a card. make a standing order to it from your regular account of even £15 a month and it'll slowly climb to a large amount if you leave it alone.

    learn to cook simple dishes like tomato sauce for pasta, or bean burgers (email me for recipes, i've got loads now. most of them have you eating in 30 mins or less =] )

    learn to use a washing machine. it may sound simple, but when i moved out i didn't have a clue really.

    make sure you know what do to in an emergency. have the number of your local police station, the gas, electricity, phone, water companies and a neighbour right by your phone. stick a sheet of paper next to the phone with blue tack.

    are you moving in with flat mates or on your own? right now i've got awful flatmates, really horrible pieces of work, and you need to learn how to deal with people who try to make your life difficult.

    learn how to shop. this sounds simple, but it isn't always. take your mum or dad with you to shop for your family this week, and get advice from them on what's best for your budget.

    get used to washing dishes. i recommend wearing washing-up gloves personally.

    don't do what i did and leave a plastic bag next to a hob while you're cooking. i almost burnt the kitchen down.

    have several keys cut to your place. know where they are. they're so easy to lose!

    install locks on windows and doors and make sure they work!

    call home once a week at least, especially if you're home sick!

    email me if you need anything more, i know how tough it can be living without your parents for the first time.
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  • Bethenny answered 6 years ago
    First, get renters insurance, it's not expensive (about 100-150 per year); second make sure your home is equipped with excellent locks (deadbolts) and a fire extinguisher. Learn to cook (allrecipes.com cooks.com) is where I started. When out, always be aware of your surroundings. Best of luck, you'll be great!
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  • sophia answered 6 years ago
    Keep the curtains away from the stove when you cook.
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  • Jimmy answered 6 years ago
    ur mom an dad shuld have schooled u on this day and u may be nervous, u will do ok, just be carefull, guess ur going off to college, so go have fun in ur studies,
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  • Eric answered 6 years ago
    keep a kitchen fire extinguisher on top the refrigerator. make sure all your doors have dead bolts, not just a elcheapo door knob lock, and not just a chain lock.
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  • Tips for living alone for the first time?
    I'm 18, and this year I'm moving from Florida to Massachusetts to live alone, my entire family will stay in Florida, and I'd like to know what are some important things I should learn?

    What are the most common meals that people eat that I should learn how to do? (ex. learn to fry eggs, learn to us a stove etc)

    Anything for safety tips?
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