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What is the Holocaust?

And something about the greatest Love Story ever heard in the Holocaust is a lie if I'm not mistaken. Explain. Its on Oprah.

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    The Holocaust refers to an event that took place in the late 1930s and early 1940s, basically before and throughout World War II, when millions of Jews, Gypsies, and other people deemed "undesirables" were either killed outright or rounded up and placed into concentration camps. Within those concentration camps, people were forced to do work that supported the war effort of the Axis nations (Germany, Italy, etc) against the Allies nations (England, United States, France, Norway, Russia, etc). Those were the relatively lucky ones; the unlucky in the concentration camps were stripped naked and sent to the gassing chambers, where they died. Their bodies were cremated on site, or thrown into pits for mass burials.

    There is so much more that happened in the Holocaust that I can't get into in this small space here. 6 million Jews were died in the gas chambers, basically by murder. It's an extremely complex event that spans the political and social realm and deeply delves into history. But most importantly, it is REAL. There are answers from people here who apparently think the Holocaust is a fake, or a hoax...I don't know how they can believe that, because there are thousands of pieces of evidence that say otherwise. There are remnants of concentration camps in Austria and Poland that have been turned into museums. There is the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. There are photos, documentaries, memoirs, books, and people's memories of the time they have spent in the war, in the concentration camps, or hiding from the Nazis who were trying to find and kill them.

    If you're interested, some books to be introduced to:

    Diary of Anne Frank - by Anne Frank

    Night - by Elie Wiesel

    Maus - by Art Spiegel (this is a graphic novel)

    About that Oprah bit - that happened a while back. Basically, two Holocaust survivors, a man and his wife, went on Oprah because she heard that the story of their love began when the man, as a young boy, was saved from starvation in a concentration camp by a young girl who threw apples over the fence. Years later, after both had immigrated to America, a change meeting brought them back together and they got married. The problems with this story was that a) it was unlikely that a girl would have apples to throw, because starvation was rampant in those days, and b) it was very improbable that she could throw them over the fence, because it was a high fence with lots of guards around who didn't let anyone near, and c) their own family members (the man's brothers, who kept him alive in the concentration camp) disputed it. It was true that both survived the Holocaust years. The apple part - well, probably not.

    Source(s): Wikipedia is a starting point. Also, lots of reading (the three books listed above, and more), visits to museums, and Holocaust information sites online.
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    The Holocaust- During the Second World War the Nazis and there collaborators carried out the intentional and bureaucratically administered destruction of about six million Jews, using gas chambers, crematoriums, killing squads (Einsatzgruppen) and other technologies, and basing their actions primarily on racial ideology.

    I dont exactly know the whole Oprah story- but I guess it was a couple that came on the show who told how they met and fell in love while in camps during the war and what would eventually be called the Holocaust. It came out later that they either misrepresented the actually events of that story or made the whole story up- the couple created the lie of how they met- not that the Holocaust happened

    I cant not respond- Oneonesissone (or whaterver it is)

    "the holocaust means nothing. there are holocausts. This is basically the use of fire or nuclear power to destroy millions of lives."the holocaust" as you say was when the Nazis murdered around 6 million Jews.the holocaust side of this was because they used to incinerate the Jewish bodies"

    I have no Idea where you learned that brillent statement-but I would look into it further in the hopes of not sounding ignorate.

    While you are somewhat correct on the definition of holocaust (lowercase) which means "Strictly a sacrifice whollu destroyed by fire..the term's eyptomology has changed (even within the secular world) within the past 2 centurys where it is now more often applied to a catastrophe on a large scale-whether by fire or not- or to a massacre or slaughter. The term was used on a broad scale before WWII in that regard.

    However- after WWII there were scholars and survivors that began to use the word as a capatialized title for describing the Nazi genocide (physical destruction of European Jewry). I am not attempting to get into the uniqueness debate, because while using the term Holocaust (capitalized) is intended to differentiate between other genocides its purpose is not to lessen the tragedy of them.

    My above definition is correct for Holocaust

    Source(s): Gratuate student of Holocaust History
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    It is for the reason that of the way in which the Jews had been slaughtered. Holocaust comes type the Greek phrase holokaustus, which means that to burn or eat by way of hearth. Those others slaughters didn't make use of the way of fireside as did the Nazis.

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    When I was a boy in the 1960s, we called it "the Nazis' mass murder of the Jews" or just "the mass murders." I guess it was in the early 1980s that I first heard the expression "The Holocaust" as the brand name of that particular horror, being the systematic killing via the most modern methods (poison gas) of undesired people, including Jews (primarily) Gypsies, homosexuals, intellectuals, and liberals.

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    Holocaust was the extermination of over 6 million Jews by the Nazis in World War 2

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    The holocaust was the execution of millions of jews by the Nazis. No it is not a lie. Yes it did happen. Oprah blows.

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    There have been dozens of holocausts throughout human history. Generally speaking, the word holocaust is misused to mean genocide.

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    The holocaust is where Adolf Hitler decided that it was the Jews fault that he lost WW1 so he got a group of men called the "Nazis" and that group kept getting bigger and bigger until most of the men all over Europe was in it..... they killed the Jews and they tested some of Hitlers war creations on them...

  • the holocaust means nothing.

    there are holocausts. This is basically the use of fire or nuclear power to destroy millions of lives.

    "the holocaust" as you say was when the Nazis murdered around 6 million Jews.

    the holocaust side of this was because they used to incinerate the Jewish bodies

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