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toothpaste vs. mouthwash?

OK now mouthwash, (to me) it does everything toothpaste does really! prevents gingivitis, fights plaque, and also gives you good breath! AND it does in all around the mouth, teeth, roof, gums, etc. so my question is why do we use toothpaste? does toothpaste do something extra that mouthwash doesn't?

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    It is abrasive for removing plaque. It usually contains fluoride, and most mouthwashes don't. It tastes good (toothbrushing can taste yucky from all the bad stuff being removed). Most mouthwashes only kill bacteria...they don't remove plaque...the bacteria recolonizes in plaque in about 20 minutes.

  • Rhonda
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    Physically forcing a child to put something that tastes horrible and bitter in their mouths as "punishment" is abuse. Toothpaste (yes, it's poisonous if eaten in large amounts) is not abusive because it's a CLEANING agent that's also been proven to fight caries and plaque. _____________________ Ok then, try going without toothpaste for a year. I'm sure your mouth will look lovely and veeeeeeery kissable. And yes, I do agree that corporal punishment is ok in some situations. An occasional spank on the behind is sometimes necessary. It doesn't mean a child has to be humiliated, made to open his/her mouth, forced to endure a horrid taste, while being "physically/mentally dominated" by their parent. I dont think that will benefit anyone in the scenario. My 5-year-old doesn't get spanked, but she really responds to the tone-of-voice used when we're upset with her behavior. She also gets time-outs. Not in her room, but we have her sit in a chair and have some quiet time. When she's calm, then we do have a talk about the way she behaved. It always works, and I would NEVER resort to soaping her mouth. That would break my heart. _______ Edit: You're right about toothpaste being dangerous. I'm aware that eating a teaspoonful of it would be very dangerous. That's why they make children's fluoride-free toothpaste, and why we're not supposed to swallow.

  • Anonymous
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    You're suppose to use mouthwash after tooth paste/brushing. It's a finishing touch. Brushing is more effective than swishing the mouthwash around your mouth, since you're actually brushing away anything you may have. Also, read the back.

    Read the directions.... my mouthwash specifically says to use AFTER tooth brush/flossing routine. It's not meant to be in place of tooth paste...

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    Mouthwash should only be used as an adjunct to brushing and flossing, and it's not even necessary if u brush and floss...Brushing reaches more areas and removes more plaque...Mouthwash is a liquid and can't really remove the plaque...

    and flossing DOESN'T cause cancer

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    some toothpastes contain detergent and a chalky substance to scrap food and stains from teeth. seeing as mouthwash is a liquid, it does little of this...why don't you just use both?

  • AMZ
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    toothpaste helps brush off the plaque from your teeth. and also remember to floss.

    it never harms to have double the action in your mouth.

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