Astrology house help. What does it mean?

Can someone help me understand houses and what mine actually are.

December 19th, 1987@ 8:07am, Vancouver BC

PS Is my ASC in Sag or Cap?

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    Your ASC is 26 Sagittarius 30. Your MC is 28 Libra 22. Houses show the areas of life. 1st is your body, and yourself in every other way.


    3rd = siblings, communications

    4th, = ancestry

    5th = children, creativity

    6th= servants, disease, accidents

    7th = spouse, open enemies, rivals

    8th = death (spouse's money, too)


    10th=career, actions, honors authority figures

    11th= friends

    12th = secrets, self-undoing, secret enemies some say illnesses.

    You learn about these things in your life by looking at planets that occupy the houses and the planets that rule them.

    With all those planets crowded around the ASC, I wouldn't be surprised if you were a bit defensive and have some difficulty with others' points of view. Be honest.

    You do have water in your chart. Mars is powerfully placed in Scorpio on the 11th cusp. This indicates powerful friends, but without some interaction with the ASC or its ruler, this may not do you any good (or harm). Sun rules 8 and having the ruler of the 8th in the first is sometimes an indication of self destructive behavior which includes, but is not limited to diffidence. Diffidence and defensiveness go hand in hand.

    Working with Mars is your best bet. In domicile he is strong and independent and leading the other planets (in diurnal motion). Mars rules your 4th as well as the 11th. Those are the areas of life you need to work with and develop.

    Venus in Capricorn is a weird position, but Venus is a triplicity ruler of earth signs, so she isn't badly placed. In the first house (but second sign) and ruling the MC she might indicate some honors coming to you via your career.

    That should hold you for a while.

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    The "houses of the horoscope" refers to a twelve part division that begins with the Ascendant or your Rising Sign. Although the size of each house can vary a great deal, the 360 degree circle is divided into these twelve parts. The sign on the cusp of the Ascendant (Rising Sign) and the subsequent 11 house cusps make up what may be called the Rising Sign Overlay Pattern. After you understand this summary, you can start building your overlay pattern by clicking on the house cusp reading from the menu on left column of this page. The Ascendant/Rising Sign/First House cusp is calculated to an exact degree based on the precise moment of birth. To understand the full meaning of what your Ascendant tells, you must understand that this moment of birth places an influence on each of twelve areas of the life or houses of the horoscope. Each of the subsequent signs consists of thirty degrees, one twelfth of the circle. The Rising sign overlay begins with the Ascendant or the first house of the chart. On the chart, this is point at the left side of the horizontal center. Moving counter-clockwise from there, the twelve houses of random size continue to complete the ring. The differing size of the houses sometimes results in the same sign appearing on the cusp of consecutive houses, since the signs always consist of exactly 30°. This is not unusual at all, and when it occurs on one side of the chart, it must again occur on the opposite side. When a house is very large, i.e. larger than just one sign, it often occurs that a sign is contained within a house without appearing on either cusp line. These signs that are excluded from appearing on any cusp are said to be intercepted (in the house). Some astrologers believe that the sign on the cusp and the intercepted sign are co-rulers of the house. Love & Blessings Milly

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    Sagittarius sign rises in the first house with Most Effective Point (MEP) of 02:49. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus are benefic planets. Moon, Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets. Moon is the Most Malefic Planet (MMP).

    Presence of several benefic planets in the first house indicates self effort in pursuing your professional goals. However, their weakness indicates a tendency to hold on to your own thoughts, not so successful self-initiatives, and frequent reflective thoughts. Rahu and Ketu give fluctuations, delays and denials in profession, education, income generation and domestic peace and harmony. Jupiter and Mars are well placed, but weak. They can help you stabilize your life events, by depending on your friends and family for support. Weakness of the Moon indicates the significant efforts required to seek out a good partner and to harbour a good relationship.

    This analysis is based on Vedic astrology. Remedial measures stem from these principles. However, these remedies can be followed by people of other cultures and beliefs. Please choose to follow the below suggested remedial measures for your protection, success and peace...

    1. Appeasement of Malefic Planets

    Moon: Keep a pot of fresh water for the birds

    Rahu: Give part of breakfast for the crows / birds (or donate twice a year for the welfare of lepers, cancer and AIDS patients)

    Ketu: Give some food to a stray dog (or donate twice a year to old age homes, spiritual institutions)

    2. Wear a kavach, an auspicious amulet, which can be procured from Prof V K Choudhry at

    3. Stones that can be worn: Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Blue Sapphire, Red Coral, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Zircon

    Stones that cannot be worn: Pearl, Gomedh, Cat's Eye

    Best wishes


    Dec 19, 1987 8:07 AM +08:00

    Vancouver, BC, Canada Longitude: 123W07 Latitude: 49N16

    Lahiri Ayanamsha: 23:41 Current Period: KE/ME/SA

    Planet Deg Sign Speed SA Nakshatra Lord


    Asc 02:49 Sag Mula Ke

    Sun 03:31 Sag +01:01:07 WK Mula Ke

    Moon 18:33 Sco +14:28:17 FM Jyeshtha Me

    Mars 23:04 Lib +00:39:37 WK Vishakha Ju

    Merc 01:28 Sag +01:34:30 CM Mula Ke

    Jupt 26:06 Pis +00:00:52 WK Revati Me

    Ven 03:05 Cap +01:14:16 WK U.Shadya Su

    Sat 00:19 Sag +00:07:06 CM Mula Ke

    Rahu 04:13 Pis -00:11:46 FM U.Bhadra Sa

    Ketu 04:13 Vir -00:11:46 FM U.Phalguni Su

    True Node 365.25 Day Year - Internet Time: 713 beats

    Day: Saturday Sunrise: 8:04 AM

    Tithi: Krishna Chaturdashi

    Yoga Pt: 25:24 Li Yogi:Ju AviYogi:Su Dup Yogi: Ve

    Dagha Rashis: Pis Gem Vir Sag

    Sytems Approach Analysis


    Sun Good Placement, In Infancy: 29%, Weak Dispositor,

    Moon Bad Placement, Debilitated, Moon Not Bright 79%,

    Mars Good Placement, Weak Dispositor,

    Mercury Good Placement, Combust 85%, In Infancy: 70%, Weak Dispositor,

    Afflicted Mool MEP

    Jupiter Good Placement, In Old Age: 22%,

    Afflicted House MEP

    Venus Good Placement, In Infancy: 38%,

    Saturn Good Placement, Combust 80%, Debilitated in Navamsha, In Infancy: 93%, Weak Dispositor,

    Rahu Good Placement,

    Afflicts 4 10 house MEPs, Afflicted House MEP

    Ketu Good Placement, Weak Dispositor,

    Afflicts 4 10 house MEPs, Afflicted House MEP

    Information and Disclaimer: The following astrological reading is based on the principles of Systems' Approach to Hindu Astrology propounded by Prof V K Choudhry, Gurgaon, India. However, the reading is based on my interpretations, analysis and capabilities. 'Planets', 'stars' and similar terminologies that are used represent benefic and malefic energies that are a reflection of our karmas. My opinion is that life events are as a result of choices we make every moment and of choices that we have made in the past. However, we may not be aware of the best choices. My belief is that the Systems' Approach helps us make the best choices. The remedial measures suggested, when followed consistently, should help protect you, renew and maintain your positive energies, and deflect and absorb your negative energies. All analysis is also dependent on the accuracy of data provided.

  • Fred
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    According to Chinese Astrology, your lucky stones are ruby, diamond and topaz. Ruby, then, is better for you than yellow sapphire.

    By the way, your chart shows you lack Water. It would help your prospects if you could include more Water in your home and work place, a table top fountain or a fish tank for example.

    If you would like to know more about Chinese Astrology, please visit my web site,

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