Why do Flies hang around light fittings in the middle of the kitchen/room?

Hi, I always thought flies liked my mums house because she had lots of pets and wasnt the tidyist of ppl, these flies always seemed to buzz around in circle around the lights in the kitchen or in the backrooms. They never seemed to go anywhere else but around the lights in the middle of the room. Sometimes 5 or 6 at a time.

Ive since moved out and have laminate floors, am particulary clean, but I have noticed yet again that there were 3 or 4 flies hanging round the fire alarm in the middle of the kitchen, just flying about in the same back and forth zig zag movement.

Im am quite confused as I asumed they only did this when u had animals or an unkept house. Mine is certainly well kept so Im just bemused now....does anyone know why they do this?


Hiya, Just to add...the lights are never on as its day time and at the moment they are flying around a fire alarm which has no light or heat comming from it.

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    Many flying insects like to alight on places where they can see all round their space just in case a predator approaches. Most light fittings and alarms are fitted in such locations and are therefore preferred by flies. Also, lights and alarms are objects that "stick" out of the surfaces and make a good perch.

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    Chelseablue96; The short answer is that 'We simply Don't Know', to be perfectly honest! I don't think anyone's ever yet bothered to carry out a proper, scientific study of the phenomenon. Can't understand why not. Lack of available funding, maybe? Anyway, if I were asked to take an educated stab at it? First thing I'd suggest it the 'obvious' point that warmer air rises. So, they're up there because it's warmer and so they don't have to use up energy to keep warm ~ may seem rather negated by the fact that the idiots then use all that saved energy up by flying round pointlessly! LOL! Of course, flies flight Isn't pointless. They're doing their own things. Holding territory and hoping a mate will come along. Watch them and ye may notice how they 'bounce off of' nothing, in mid flight? That's their own little bit of space. So, Ok; We have them up there, because it's warmer. Hanging out like people in a bar. But, Why around the light fitting? Dunno. Maybe it's something to do with imperceptible ~ to us ~ air currents? That'd be my best guess. Maybe, to a flies on board navigational equipment, there's this swirling vortex of air movement around an object such as a light bulb? Work it out; Air's entering that room from somewhere. Air thus moves. Perhaps it moves in a spiral round the room as it warms and rises? If so, would there not be a still spot at its centre? " Eye of the Hurricane " sort of effect? Be more comfortable for a fly to fly there then, where it wouldn't be getting dragged by the swirling air moving round the rest of the room. And light fittings are normally central on our ceilings. Make sense? Know what? I reckon I might just have cracked it! Quite impressed myself there! Now I must go and lay down, because my brain hurts! LMAO!

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    These are lesser house flies. They lay their eggs in wet organic matter which the maggots then eat before they turn into flies. They fly around light fittings especially when they are switched on as they are attracted to the heat they give off. They rarely fly into those insect-o-cuter lights as they do not get attracted to ultra violet light.

    Source(s): 21 years in pest control
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    The flies will usually congregate under a overhang in the open to meet a mate. As the light (whether on or off) in your room is the only thing resembling a overhang that they can find they will congregate there instead.

    Source(s): BBC "One show" yesterday.
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    Many insects are phototactic, meaning they move in relation to light sources. It is thought that some insect navigate in relation to the moon in low light conditions.

    An example of chemotaxis would be where an insect is drawn to larger organisms by the carbon dioxide they exhale. C02 traps work on this principle. One reason they might be sensitive to CO2 is that it commonly succeeds at leading them to their food (ie. large mammals with accessible blood).

    It may be assumed that attraction to specific ranges of light wavelengths has historically been beneficial to the survival of insects with that trait.

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    The answer is simple as you have already said it. They are attract to the light. As for the Smoke alarm I am not sure why they would be attracted to that, but flies and miscellaneous other bugs are attracted to certain types of lights.

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    as the life is very short and the moisture affect them they stop to dry of that's why.

    also it is the light sauce that also attract them as it resembles the moon

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    flies see light and go to it

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