I want to text New Zealand and Im in USA?

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Okay, They gave me there number and said the country code or whatever is 64. So..How would I do this? and How much would it cost? like do I put their number in like a normal text ...show more
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OK I'll help.

there are only two types of numbers in New Zealand 027, or 021. So the number could be like this 0211455369 or 0275523641 something similar.

What you need to do it this:

For the first one, I'd put 0116411455369

For the second one, I'd put 0116475523641

Does that help?

Im not sure how much it costs but from NZ to text internationally its 30cents.
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  • LV-Gnome answered 5 years ago
    From the US, you would dial 011 64 and then the cellphone number (minus the first zero). So if the number is 021 987 6543, you'd do 011 64 21 987 6543.

    I get charged 20c per text from the US to NZ. That's with T-Mobile, but I believe it's pretty standard across providers.
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  • Forfirith answered 5 years ago
    011 64 (then their number - if there's a 0 as a prefix don't put it in)


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