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Definition of masturbation

According the definition found in Merriam Webster and google, it is - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure. Basically, is masturbation only applies to a person using his hands or his body part to stimulate his sex organs? What about a person, he is thinking something (not necessarily porn all the time) and he did not stimulate his body part, BUT semen comes out from his sex organs, in this situation, is masturbation applies? Does that person have sins based on the view of religion?

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    Yes. Some people, although very few, are able to achieve orgasm (性高潮) without directly stimulate their sexual organs. They can use their mind thinking about sex and come to orgasm. This is a kind of masturbation, called "psycholagny" (意淫 in Chinese).

    For your second question, whether people masturbated have sin or not depends on their own religon. In the past, Roman Catholic Church (羅馬天主教會) banned men masturbate as they believed that the semen ejected on the ground would be eaten by the female demon Lilith (莉莉斯) and create new devils. Christian and Missionary Alliance (基道教宣道會) also ban masturbation.

    But, in the ancient Greece, masturbation was very common among men. Homosexuality (同性戀) was common and men always had sex and masturbate with each other, even they had already married.

    So, whether masturbation is sinful or not depends on the religion you believed in.

    Source(s): My own knowledge and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masturbation
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