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1. ( ) Plants _______ water, air, and sunlight to flourish.

A. have needed B. needed C. need D. are needed

2. ( ) By ten o’clock tonight, I _______ the report for 5 hours. I hope I can finish it by midnight.A. will have typed B. will have been typing C. have been typing D. have typed

3. ( ) The manager said the project must _________ by next month.

A. finish B. have finished C. have been finished D. be finished

4. ( ) The food _________ by the time we get to the party.

A. has eaten B. will have eaten C. will be eating D. will have been eaten

5. ( ) ______ more than one language can be a disadvantage for most people.

A. Speak not B. To speak not C. Not being able to speak D. To not speak

6. ( ) Nora is very disappointed __________ the athletic award.

A. at not winning B. not winning C. didn’t win D. to not winning

7. ( ) The police officer had a difficult time ________ down the crying child who couldn’t find his parents.A. calmed B. calming C. to calm D. and calmed

8. ( ) Since he had never camped before, Allen was not used to _________ in the tent.

A. sleep B. be sleeping C. slept D. sleeping

9. ( ) When _________ to return my money, Carol stopped talking to me and walked away.A. asked B. she is asked C. asking D. she asking

10. ( ) A book _______ the meanings of words is called a dictionary.

A. gives B. that giving C. giving D. given

11. ( ) Those teenagers are hard to deal with. I feel sorry for _______ has to teach that class.A. who B. whoever C. that D. who he

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    5.意思是說,當一個人沒辦法說超過一種語言,那將會是他的一項弱點!所以應選C。be able to.......有能力做~=be capable of disappointed at + V-ing(人)到失望!

    7.have a difficult time+V-ing used to + V-ing 習慣於~


    A是有省略,還原:she was asked,這樣應該懂了吧!!







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